Body Language (Kylie Minogue album)

Infobox Album
Name = Body Language
Type = Album
Artist = Kylie Minogue

Released = flagicon|World February 10, 2004
Recorded = 2003
Genre = Pop, Dance, R&B
Length = 47:51
Label = Parlophone
Producer = Sunny Roads
Julian Gallagher
Richard Stannard
Johnny Douglas
Baby Bash
Karen Poole
Cathy Dennis
Chris Braide
Kurtis Mantronik
Electric J
Reviews =
*Allmusic rating|4.5|5 [ link]
*"The Guardian" rating|3|5 [,11712,1084171,00.html link]
*"NME" rating|7|10 [ link]
*"Rolling Stone" rating|3|5 [ link]
*PopMatters [ link]
*"Stylus" (B) [ link]
Last album = "Fever"
This album = "Body Language"
Next album = "Ultimate Kylie"

"Body Language" is a 2003 album by Australian singer Kylie Minogue, her ninth studio album. The album peaked at #6 in the United Kingdom, and at #2 in her native Australia. It also reached number #1 in South Africa, #2 in Argentina, #4 in Germany, #8 in Canada, #23 in New Zealand and #42 on the United States Billboard 200.

Track listing

#"Slow" (Kylie Minogue, Dan Carey, Emiliana Torrini) - 3:16 —
#"Still Standing" (Ash Thomas, Alexis Strum) - 3:40
#"Secret (Take You Home)" (Reza Safinia, Lisa Greene, Niomi Mclean-Daley, Hugh Clarke, Paul George, Gerald Charles, Brian P. George, Curtis T. Bedeau, Lucien J. George) - 3:17
#"Promises" (K. Khaleel, David Billing) - 3:17
#"Sweet Music" (Kylie Minogue, Ash Thomas, Karen Poole) - 4:11
#"Red Blooded Woman" (Johnny Douglas, Karen Poole) - 4:22 [ [ Red Blooded Woman music video on YouTube] ]
#"Chocolate" (Karen Poole, Johnny Douglas) - 5:00
#"Obsession" (K. Khaleel, David Billing, M. Grey) - 3:32
#"I Feel for You" (J. Piccioni, L. Winstanley, S. Anselmetti) - 4:20
#"Someday" (Kylie Minogue, Emiliana Torrini, Ash Thomas) - 4:18
#"Loving Days" (Kylie Minogue, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Dave Morgan) - 4:27
#"After Dark" (Cathy Dennis, Chris Braide) - 4:11

Bonus Tracks

*"Slo Motion" (Kylie Minogue, Andrew Frampton, ++++ Stent and Wayne Wilkins) (Australian & Japan. Track title Slow Motion on Japan edition) - 4:18
*"Cruise Control" (Album Version) (Kylie Minogue, Karen Poole and Johnny Douglas) (Canadian and US editions only) - 3:52
*"You Make Me Feel" (Kylie Minogue, Tommy D, Felix Howard and Marius Devries) (Canadian, Japan, and US editions only) - 4:18


*"Soul On Fire" (Kylie Minogue, Dan Carey and Emiliana Torrini) (b-side to "Slow") - 3:32
*"Cruise Control" (Single Version) (Kylie Minogue, Karen Poole and Johnny Douglas) (b-side to "Red Blooded Woman") - 4:55
*"Almost A Lover" (Kylie Minogue, Karen Poole and Ash Thomas) (b-side to "Red Blooded Woman") - 3:40
*"City Games" (Kylie Minogue, Karen Poole, Richard Stannard and Julian Gallagher) (b-side to "Chocolate") - 3:42

Unreleased Songs

*I'm Sorry [ [ Fan made video to "I'm Sorry" on YouTube] ] and Trippin' Me Up [ [ Fan made video to "Trippin' Me Up" on YouTube] ] were not on the album's final cut, but leaked to the internet in June 2006. They were produced by Pascal Gabriel
*My Image Unlimited [ [ "My Image Unlimited" on imeem] ] and I'm Just Here for the Music [ [ "I'm Just Here for the Music" on imeem] ] also leaked. The producers for these tracks is unknown, but I'm Just Here for the music was probably produced by Wayne Rodrigues and Danielle Brisebois, the songs writers.
*On The Up [ [ Fan made video to "On the Up" on YouTube] ] written with Johnny Douglas and Karen Poole leaked online as a 1-minute clip in June 2006 and then fully in November 2006
*Beats Per Minute which was renamed B.P.M when released as a b-side on the "I Believe In You" single in 2004.
*Boombox [ [ Fan made video to "Boombox" on YouTube] ] was recorded in 2003 and used a looped sample of the Prince classic "Controversy". After DJ'ing at the 'Boombox' club in London in 2007 Kylie requested the 2003 demo of the same name be tracked down and remixed for club and in-house use. A variety of mixes then appeared online via file sharing sites and Myspace.
*An early version of Chocolate included a rap by Ludacris, but wasn't used on the final mix. "(A part of Ludacris vocals can be heard at the beginning of the released version over the intro)". A 1-Minute clip was leaked by late July 2006. Kylie didn't like the rap so it wasn't released.

Release history

"Body Language" is Minogue’s 9th studio album, and her third for Parlophone Records. Its title is a reference to a line in the album's first single, "Slow". The album was recorded throughout the summer of 2003 in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. It also saw Minogue working with previous collaborators Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, Cathy Dennis, Johnny Douglas, and Karen Poole, as well as Emiliana Torrini and Mr. Dan, known collectively as Sunnyroads.

The album was supported by a spectacular one-off album launch show entitled "Money Can't Buy" on November 15, 2003 at the London Apollo Theatre. At the show Minogue performed seven new songs, alongside some of her older hits. In July 2004 the concert was released on DVD. The DVD included an unedited version of the concert as well as multi-angle screen visuals for the performances of "Slow" and "Chocolate", a behind-the-scenes documentary, the videos for each of the #3 in the UK, #4 in New Zealand, and at #2 in Australia.

Australian and Japanese versions of the album included the bonus song "Slo(w) Motion". Japan also received a second bonus track, "You Make Me Feel". When released in 2004, the North American version of the album included an enhanced data track with the "Slow" music video and "Can't Get You Out of My Head (Live)" from the "Money Can't Buy" concert as well as two bonus tracks, "You Make Me Feel" and "Cruise Control (US version)". In the US, some versions of the album came packaged with six postcards.

Critical response

"Body Language" received very favorable reviews from critics overall. "Rolling Stone" called the album "fantastic" and gave it a rating of three stars out of five, calling it some of her best work. [ [ Body Language 1] . "Rolling Stone Magazine". Retrieved January 3, 2006.] Chris True, in a review for Allmusic, called the album Minogue's "big step forward". The review echoed the Rolling Stone review and called it some of her best work and a "a near perfect pop record". [ [ Body Language 2] . "Allmusic". Retrieved January 3, 2006.]

Other reviews were less flattering. In a review for PopMatters, Adrien Begrand, praised songs like "Slow" and "Sweet Music" but dismissed the rest as "forgettable" and nothing "more than mere filler". Begrand also called "Body Language" a "bit of a misstep" from her previous album "Fever". [ [ Body Language 3] . "Pop Matters". Retrieved January 3, 2006.] Sharon O'Connell, from, gave the album a five out of ten calling it "an ill-judged move" due to its praise of 80s disco music and its references to 80s "cheese music" made by Duran Duran, Dead or Alive and one-hit wonders Nu Shooz. [ [ Body Language 4] . "". Retrieved January 3, 2006.]


*"Slow" was released in November 2003. It debuted at number one in both the British and Australian charts and has also gone to number one in Spain and Romania. It also went top 10 in a number of other countries including Canada, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan and Portugal in late 2003 and early 2004. In the U.S., it reached number one on the Billboard Magazine Club Chart, and reached the top 40 on the Radio Airplay Chart. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Dance Recording Catageory. A Chemical Brothers remix of the track appears on the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy soundtrack. The single has achieved platinum status in Australia.
*"Secret (Take You Home)" was released as a promotional single only in Taiwan in early 2004.
*"Red Blooded Woman" was released in February 2004. It entered the Australian singles chart at number 4, and at number 5 in the UK. The song has also made the top in Spain, Ireland and Italy. In the U.S., it reached number one on the Billboard Magazine Dance Radio Airplay Chart, and was a modest radio airplay hit. It has achieved gold sales in New Zealand where it peaked at number 18.
*"Chocolate" was released June 2004 (July 2004 in Australia). The song reached number 14 in Australia and number 6 in the UK,
*"Promises" - Although never released as an official promo, it was used in early 2004 by Irish radio stations before the release of the second single.

Chart performance

"Body Language" failed to reach the chart success of its predecessor "Fever", but still managed to chart in the Top 5 in multiple countries.

The album was released in North America to minor chart success.

"Body Language" has sold around 2 million units worldwide. It has been certified 2x platinum in Australia, selling around 140,000 copies. In the UK the album has gone platinum selling over 350,000 copies. It has also been certified gold in Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand. In the United States it has sold around 171,000 units to date.


The following people contributed to "Body Language": ["Body Language" (CD liner notes). Parlophone. November 2003.]

*Kylie Minogue – lead vocals, backing vocals
*Green Gartside – vocals on "Someday"
*Alexis Strum, Karen Poole, Cathy Dennis, Miriam Grey, Andrea Remanada – backing vocals
*Johnny Douglas – all instruments, backing vocals, mixing
*Chris Braide – all instruments, backing vocals
*Dave Clews – programming, keyboards, vocal engineering
*Julian Gallagher – programming, keyboards
*Alvin Sweeney – programming, mixing, recording
*Richard "Biff" Gallagher – backing vocals, keyboards
*Dave Morgan – keyboards, guitar
*Simon Hale – string arrangements, conducting
*London Session Orchestrastrings
*Ash Thomas – extra "chorus pops", backing vocals, mixing
*Lion – extra "chorus pops"
*A. Guevara – MC
*Danton Supple – engineering
*Geoff Rice, David Treahearn – assistant engineering
*Mr. Dan, Steve Fitzmaurice, The Auracle, Tony Maserati – mixing
*Damon Iddins – mixing assistant
*Niall Alcott – recording
*Geoff "Peshy" Pesh – mastering
*William Baker – visual direction, styling
*Mert and Marcusphotography
*Tony Hung – art direction


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* [ Kylie Minogue — Official Web Site]

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