Weight (disambiguation)

Weight is a measurement of the gravitational force acting on an object, or of an object's mass.

Weight may also refer to:

* Weight (representation theory), a type of function.
* Weight (strings), the number of times a letter occurs in a string.
* Weights, objects of known mass used in weightlifting.
* Weight class, a competition division used to match competitors against others of their own size.
* Weight function, the importance placed on a piece of data.
* Weight of a topological space.
* "Weight" (album), an album by Rollins Band.
*"The Weight", a 1968 song by The Band.

Weight may also be:
* The object thrown in a weight throw
* A measure of paper density
* The seriousness or depth of an idea or thought, or danger and urgency of a situation.
* The pressure a pianist applies with force to the keyboard, to improve tone.
* Draw weight of a bow
* Line weight in contour line construction in cartography
* The Weight (TV series), a Canadian television drama series due to air in 2008.

People with the surname Weight

* Carel Weight, a British artist.
* Doug Weight, an American ice hockey player.
* Greg Weight, an Australian photographer.

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