Tas Chemical

Tas Chemical Co, Ltd. (hangul:타스화학) is a Korean chemical company, headquartered in Incheon. Its primary competitor is IPALG.


*Tas Coat
*Perma Tas
*Tascon Plus
*Pre Tas
*Tas Lap
*Remi Tas
*Kotaseal F
*Kotaseal S
*Pre Mix
*Row Tas
*Crack Coat
*Taspa 100W
*Cryston Plus
*Black Tas 101
*Fire Stop
*Fire Stop SP
*Clean Tas
*Flow Tas
*Hi Tas
*Level Tas
*Hi Con
*Hi Con S/L (Primer)
*Level Coat
*Tas Gum


*Latin America

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*Economy of South Korea

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* [http://www.tas.co.kr Tas Chemical Homepage] (in Korean)

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