The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club
The Kennel Club

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Abbreviation KC
Formation 1873
Headquarters 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB
Region served United Kingdom
Official languages English
Affiliations The Kennel Club Charitable Trust

The Kennel Club ("KC") is a kennel club based in London and Aylesbury, United Kingdom.

The Kennel Club registration system divides dogs into seven breed groups. The Kennel Club Groups are: Hound, Working, Terrier, Gundog, Pastoral, Utility and Toy. The Kennel Club currently recognises 210 breeds of dog.[1]

The Kennel Club’s best known event is the Crufts dog conformation show, held since 1928, which attracts competitors from all over the world. Crufts is held every March at the NEC, Birmingham. The Kennel Club also holds the fun dog event Discover Dogs, in London every November, features the Scruffts grand final for crossbreed and mixed breed dogs.


Kennel Club Art Gallery

The Kennel Club Art Gallery is located at the Club's headquarters at 1 Clarges Street, near Green Park tube station in London. The gallery is devoted to fine art about dogs and features themed exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection. Artists in the collection include Maud Earl, George Earl, Richard Ansdell, Arthur Wardle and Cecil Aldin. The gallery is open by appointment.

Accredited Breeder Scheme

The Club's Accredited Breeder Scheme - meant to help potential dog owners identify responsible breeders - has been described by Dogs Trust as "full of pitfalls, the main one being that it's self-certificating".[2] The Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare report indicates that the low breeding standards practised by some in the ABS may allow the public to be "falsely led into thinking a puppy they buy from an accredited breeder registered with the KC will have no health or welfare problems associated with its breeding history." It called for more random checks and robust enforcement of the scheme and states that "the use of the word ‘pedigree’ should be tied to a high standard of breeding (for health and welfare) across the board with the KC not just with the few that decide to join the Accredited Breeder Scheme (ABS)."

The Inquiry believes that ultimately the KC can win back trust by showing that they are willing to take responsibility for dogs registered with them and that they are willing to lose members who do not meet high standards.

The report warned that if the health measures implemented by the KC fails, government regulations might be necessary. The Kennel Club has issued a response to the report.[3] Pedigree Dogs Exposed producer Jemima Harrison condemned the KC's response, stating that they are downplaying the criticism of the KC in the report and misrepresenting the findings.[4]


The organisation was criticised on the BBC programme Pedigree Dogs Exposed for allowing breed standards, judging standards and breeding practices which are said to compromise the health of purebred dogs.[5] The programme led various sponsors to withdraw their participation in Crufts and the BBC eventually dropped Crufts 2009 from its coverage. The Kennel Club initially defended their practices,[6] and criticised the programme as "highly biased".[7] It also lodged a complaint to regulatory authority Ofcom claiming "unfair treatment and editing".[8]

Due to the strong public response, the Kennel Club started rolling out new health plans. Breed standards for every breed went under review and show judges would be required to choose only healthy dogs.[9] New breed standards for 209 breeds were announced in January 2009, and close inbreeding was to be banned.[10]

In February, the results of an independent scientific report commissioned by the RSPCA concluded that "exaggerated physical features and inherited diseases cause serious welfare problems in pedigree dogs."[11] It states that "Breeding practices and efforts by breed societies and kennel clubs, to date, have been ineffective at protecting the welfare of many breeds of domestic dog" and that "changes in breeding and selection practices are urgently required."[12] The Kennel Club states that the report "fails totally to recognise the real steady progress and advance of scientific knowledge that has already been made in the area of pedigree dog health."[13]

As a direct result of the BBC programme, the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) started an inquiry into the issues surrounding inherited diseases and breeding problems in dogs in November 2008. The results of the inquiry,[14] released in November 2009, was consistent with the RSPCA report, mentioning the "serious problem with the health and welfare of many pedigree dogs" and how they can be caused by current breeding practices. The report made various recommendations: Breed standards should be based less on "visual aesthetics" and more on whether the dogs would be "fit for purpose". Where available for particular breeds, health tests should be strongly recommended and individuals not tested should have their test status reflected in registration certificates and should not be eligible for Champion titles.

The inquiry also stated that "the KC should make the decision about whether registering dogs or dog health and welfare is their primary objective and focus their attentions more precisely on this when taking this issue forward."

More4 was criticised for their decision to broadcast Crufts 2010. "Until the problems of health and welfare are dealt with, the showing of certain dogs with problems associated with inappropriate breed standards is wrong". A More4 spokesperson stated that its "coverage will place a particular emphasis on health and welfare issues, providing a high profile platform to keep these issues in the public eye – something that has been welcomed by the British Veterinary Association."[15]


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