Agricultural Act of 1949

Agricultural Act of 1949

The Agricultural Act of 1949 (USPL|89|349) is a United States federal law (7 U.S.C. 1431) that is known as the "permanent legislation" of U.S. agricultural policy and is, in its amended form, still in effect. The Act was enacted on October 31, 1949. The purpose of the act is "To provide assistance to the States in the establishment, maintenance, operation, and expansion of school-lunch programs, and for other purposes." [AGRICULTURAL ACT OF 1949 [As Amended Through P.L. 110–246, Effective May 22, 2008] [Chapter 281] ]

ection 416(b)

Section 416 (b) of the 1949 Agriculture Act provides for the first time permanent legal basis by which surplus food can be donated to friendly overseas countries as development aid purposes. This is a principal means, still in use today by which surplus food can be donated to friendly countries directly to the reciptant national government or to an agreed NGO (PVO) or international body such as WFP to execute the program on behalf of USDA and the host government.

Donation of surplus commodities owned by the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) to developing nations and friendly countries. Donated food must not affect existing food programmes or normal commercial sales.

CCC is the US government agency which purchases the surplus food from the market. Food can either be used directly or be monetised in the receipant country's market. Money gained from the sale can be then put to use on a pre-agreed program.

The type of surplus food can vary, but what is available will depends on last year's harvest in the USA. Typical donations includes:

*Wheat (varieties of wheat such as DRS, HRW, SWW and a type of ready-to-eat mix of wheat-soy blend)
*Corn (corn soy blend, instant corn soy milk, corn meal etc
*Flour (all purpose flour, bread flour, wheat flour etc.)
*Milk powder, peas, beans and lentils
*Soy bean
*Vegetable oil
*Canned pink salmon (depending on season).


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