In this White House

In this White House

Infobox Television episode
Title = In this White House
Series = The West Wing

Caption =
Season = 2
Episode = 26
Airdate = October 252000
Production = 226204
Writer = Aaron Sorkin (teleplay)
Peter Parnell & Allison Abner (story)
Director = Ken Olin
Guests = Emily Procter
Zakes Mokae
Michael Chinyamurindi
Michael Cavanaugh
Len Cariou
Ted McGinley
NiCole Robinson
Sam Jaeger
Brigid Brannagh
Tom Gallop
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"In this White House" is the 26th episode of "The West Wing".


Sam appears on political talk show Capital Beat with a "blonde leggy Republican" named Ainsley Hayes. She kicks Sam's butt in the debate (to great joy from Toby and a back-on-the-job Josh) and impresses President Bartlet sufficiently for him to tell Leo to hire her. She goes to the White House intending to turn down the job offer, and has a harsh discussion with Sam about their different political viewpoints.

While waiting to meet Leo and turn down the offer, she witnesses the President and his staff dealing with a difficult international incident: a coup has occurred in Equatorial Kundu while the President of Equatorial Kundu is at the White House for a summit with pharmaceutical companies about the AIDS crisis in Africa. Josh and Toby are able to come up with a plan that will help the Kundunese President get desperately needed AIDS medications to his people, but the plan is torpoedoed when the coup occurs and the President's family is either murdered or forced to flee the country. President Bartlet offers his Kundunese counterpart asylum in the U.S., but the offer is refused and he returns to face a horrible fate.

Hayes, impressed by the loyalty of the West Wing staffers and by President Bartlet's integrity and sensitivity in handling the Kundu situation, changes her mind and accepts the job. When her militant Republican friends call the Democratic staffers "worthless," Hayes responds with a passionate rebuke, saying that while she may disagree with their Democratic policies, the staffers are "righteous" and "patriots."

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