Purple Swamphens in North America

Purple Swamphens in North America

The Purple Swamphen ("Porphyrio porphyrio") is a bird native to the old world, which has been introduced into North America.


The Purple Swamphen was introduced to North America in the late 1990s due to avicultural escapes in the Pembroke Pines, Florida area. The birds rapidly multiplied and can now be found in many areas of southern Florida. Ornithological authorities consider it likely that the swamphen will become an established part of Florida's avifauna.

The Florida birds are mostly or entirely of the gray-headed race "poliocephalus", native to the area around the Caspian Sea.

The most common call from the Florida birds is a loud, high-pitched "creek," often doubled.


* Pranty, Bill, Kim Schnitzius, Kevin Schnitzius, and Helen W. Lovell. 2000. Discovery, distribution, and origin of the Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) in Florida.' "Florida Field Naturalist" 28: 1–11.

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* [http://www.myfwc.com/critters/exotics/SpeciesNumberResults.asp?SPPNO=228 Florida's Exotic Wildlife: Purple Swamphen]

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