Lip tricks

Lip tricks in skateboarding are performed on half-pipes, quarterpipes and mini ramps. They are tricks that require different varieties of balance on the "lip" of the ramp. The first lip trick done was by Jay Adams.

Lip tricks

Axle stall An axle stall is a stall on both trucks of a skateboard. It is used commonly to regain composure before performing another trick or to "drop in" on a ramp. Essentially a stationary 50-50.
Rock To Fakie This is a stall on the wheelbase of the board, and then you go back in fakie.
Bean Plant A nosegrab or melon grab wherein the front foot is planted from the heel edge of the board. Though originally performed frontside it is most commonly done to fakie.
Blunt to Fakie The back truck is placed over the lip of the ramp and the tail is placed on the lip, appearing like a stationary blunt stall, hence the name. A small ollie is then performed to come off the lip and ride back down the ramp in fakie. You can also do a small 180 ollie out, if you ollie out frontside you get a frontside blunt stall, and likewise for a backside 180. Originally, this trick was pulled back in with a variety of grabs. The "ollie blunt" as it was originally called was invented by Seattle's Aaron Dieter.
Crailtap A crailtap is a tailtap but done while holding the board's nose with the trailing hand (crail grab) and pivoting the board on the tip of its tail.
Dark stall Stalling on a coping or edge while having the board be upside down so the grip side is touching the ground.
Disaster Invented by the "Master of Disaster" Duane Peters, this trick is where the skater ollies 180 degrees and lands in the center of his board with the front trucks facing towards the ramp and the back trucks over the lip. The skater then leans forwards to return back in the ramp.
Fakie Any trick that goes back in switchstance which was not initiated from a "switched" stance, or when the normal back foot is the leading foot.
Fakie Rock See "Rock to Fakie."
Feeble Much like the 50-50 however the front truck extends over the coping or top of the ramp.
New Deal Invented by Neil Blender. Essentially a nosepick snapped off into a disaster. Can also be done while grinding, then sliding.
Nose blunt either 180 up to the lip, or come up fakie and land on the front foot with your nose and truck balancing on the edge of the coping. A nollie or grab is then done to come back into the ramp. tailgrab and frontside grab is recommended.
Nose pick A stall on the front truck which is grabbed for re entry. May be done B/S or F/S.
Nose stall A trick where the skater reaches the top of the transition, leans on the skateboard's nose atop the ramp, and drops back in switch or reverts back to regular either frontside or backside.
Pivot the most basic go up and turn around on your back truck. Add a little flair by slashing at the coping instead. frontside or backside.
Pogo Any air straight up and then landing in a rock and roll. Popularized by Craig Johnson, who would do them 5 feet or higher. Also see "Sally Rock."
Rock and Roll Similar to the Rock to Fakie only a quick 180 is done as you come off the lip so that you don't ride fakie. The frontside variation is much harder and is considered one of the most stylish lip tricks.
Rock to Fakie/Fakie Rock This is a quick, common and easy lip trick performed mostly to link tricks together on mini ramps. The front truck is placed over the lip of the ramp and then the board is "rocked" slightly before coming back down backwards (fakie).
Sally Rock Ollie air straight up and then landing in a rock and roll to fakie. Proper execution is done fluid and fast. Sometimes referred to as a "Pop Rock." Invented by Salman Agah.
Smith Grind A trick where the back trucks are on the coping and the front trucks aimed into the ramp. Can be done as a stall or grinded. The frontside version was invented by Mike Smith, while the backside version was invented by Monty Nolder
Staple Gun A rider rides straight up and off the ramp while placing the back foot on the transition below the coping. The board is then stomped down onto the platform with the front foot and pulled back into the ramp toward the back ankle. Hopping of the back foot and back onto the board, the rider rides away fakie.
Sweeper Similar to a lein-to-tail. A fronstide nose grab foot plant, where the back foot is taken off and rests on the coping. Variation: Creeper - a crail grab sweeper. Invented by Duane Peters.
Switch (not really a trick but a fundamental again.) Any goofy foot trick executed by a regular foot skater or vice versa. get it, you switch your stance. There is no such thing as switch fakie. (or frontside indy for that matter) Fakie is when you roll backwards with your tail in front, period. If you're going fakie but your nose is in front then you are actually switchstance because the board rides and feels different.
Tailblock Usually done backside, a tailblock is a losi or salad grind done while grabbing the nose with your front hand.
Tail Stall Stall on tail
Texas Plant Go up to the lip frontside and take the back foot off and plant it on the coping, while grabbing the tail and extending the front leg. Traditionally there is a slight pause before the skater jumps back while simultaneously returning the rear foot to its proper location. It was invented by Texas skate master John "Tex" Gibson.
Texas Two-Step Identical to a Texas Plant, except that, like in a Switch-Foot Pogo, the rider constantly (until dropping back in) alternates the planted foot.
Thruster A fakie tail grab foot plant, where the back foot boosts off the coping. Can be done straight up and down, or moving across the coping. Invented by Duane Peters, popularized by Craig Johnson.


Invert This is a basic lip trick where the skater grabs his board and plants a hand on the coping so that they are balancing upside down on the lip of the ramp. Many variations as to where the board is grabbed and how the legs are arranged make for a number of different tricks of this type. Examples are: Eggplant, Andrecht Invert, Gymnast Plant (no footed), Sadplant, and One Foot Invert, the Unit (540 frontside handplant)
Egg Plant This invert differs from others in that the front hand is on the coping, while the back hand is grabbing like an Indy. Variation: 540 McEgg (invented by Mike McGill).
Everybody "fully extended" fakie invert named so because Neil Blender (influential to the invert craze) tried this trick at a contest by the request of Lance Mountain "to fool everybody" thinking this would be a cool trick. Hence "everybody" was trying this attempted trick at the next contest. supposedly an inside joke between Lance Mountain and Neil Blender. See "Good Buddy"
Fall Guy Frontside invert to fakie. made popular by Lance Mountain
Frontside Invert Another Invert where the front hand is on the coping, rather than the back hand. The back hand grabs like a frontside air.
Good Buddy A fakie invert not "fully extended". Popularized by Mike McGill and Mark "Gator" Ragowski aka Gator Mark Anthony. This invert is a predessor of the "fully extended" fakie invert called the "Everybody" invented by Neil Blender.
Ho-Ho This is where both hands are on the coping at the same time at one point during the trick, enabling the person to walk on their hands if so desired. Both hands must be on the coping because the trick is actually an invert to eggplant. The Ha-Ha is similar except that it is basically a stalled invert where the front hand briefly rests on the coping before returning to grab the board. The Ho-Ho was conceived by Neil Blender, but first done by either Jeff Kendall or Steve Schneer.
Jolly Mamba A stalled frontside invert in which you stop rotating in the middle before you flip all the way around into the fakie position. Basically a Stalled Miller Flip. Invented by Neil Blender. *In Bones Brigade Video Three it is comically referred to as a "frontside Jelly Mumbo." See Miller Flip
Layback Air An invert-like trick done frontside while grabbing slob and placing the back hand on the coping. Essentially an invert done frontside, with the rear hand planted on the lip. Variations: to board to frontside rock, to tail, to revert, to fakie, or to invert.
Miller Flip A frontside invert in which you flip all the way around into the fakie position. basically a vertical cartwheel. Invented by Darrell “Knarles” Miller.
Phillips 66 Basically similar to the reverse of a Miller flip, where the lip is approached fakie, back hand on the coping and the body is flipped in a frontflip-like motion and landing to roll away forward.
Poliki Similar to a layback air, but grabbed on the outside rail, more commonly known as an Underplant. Essentially a lien air handplant. Invented by Lester Kasai.
Sad Plant An invert whereby the skater's front leg is fully extended.
Smithvert or Smith plant An regular invert where the board is tweaked in a backside rotation so that the legs are almost crossed, with the toes of the back foot touching the tail. Invented by Mike Smith.
Tailtap Like a pivot but the back trucks never touch the coping and the skaters front hand is holding the nose of the board.
Tuck-knee Invert An invert that is grabbed like a Japan Air and tweaked severely, sometimes with the nose of the board hitting the helmet.
Underplant See "Poliki".
Woolly Mammoth An unusual trick invented by Neil Blender. A fakie frontside handplant to nose blunt, where the back hand grabbing the front rail of the board while the nose and front wheels are resting on the deck behind the coping and the front hand is still on the coping.

"Blunt Treflip Out" Has only been seen done by Daewon Song, and Chris Haslam.

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