Arkan (dance)

::"for the Romanian traditional dance, see Arcan"::"for the Serbian paramilitary leader known as "Arkan", see Željko Ražnatović"

Arkan ( _uk. Aркан) is a popular dance of the Ukrainian Hutsul people (from Hutsulshchyna, southwestern Ukraine). It is performed by amateurs, professional Ukrainian dance ensembles, as well as other performers of folk dances.

The Arkan is traditionally performed around a burning bonfire by the men. The word Arkan also refers to the step that the men perform while dancing around the fire. The step begins with the right foot stepping to the side (or double stamping as the dance builds momentum), the left foot crosses behind, the right foot steps to the side again, and the left foot is hopped in front of the dancer with a bent knee. The dance is performed with the men's arms upon one another's shoulders. In professional Ukrainian dances, however, many variations may accompany this root step.

There is also a Romanian dance called Arcan.

British folk-punk band The Ukrainians have a (very fast and furious) track called "Arkan" on their "Respublika" album.

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