Sekhmet (Ronin Warriors)

Sekhmet is the Dark Warlord of Venom (in YST, he's called Doku Mashou, Poison Demon General Naaza). He is Cye's main opponent. His Venom armor is infused with the virtue Kou (lit. Filial piety; reverence for elders). Sekhmet fights with six katanas, which exude a deadly poison that can also cause blindness. His surekill is Snake Fang Strike (or Moetsu Orochi (Six Segment Serpent) in YST). His first assignment was during episode 4, when he tracked Ryo, Mia, and Yuli to Shinsha University. He used his powers to poison Dr. Koji and turn him against the heroes. Nevertheless, his plans to kill Ryo failed, and he was soon defeated.

He, Cale, and Dais often belittled their leader, Anubis, whenever possible. But he and the others respected him enough to defend him in the CD drama, "Tsuki" when Gogasha wanted to take Anubis' place as leader of the Four Warlords.

In battle Sekhment wields six swords, and is capable of moving his arms at speeds that allow him to create illusion that he's all of them at once. His surekill attack is Snake Fang Strike, where connects his swords together and creates a whip like weapon swings it around before attacking.

Sekhmet's heritage is unknown; fanon speculates that he is half snake and half human, because of his pale skin, purple eyelids, and beady black eyes. Sekhmet is voiced by Ward Perry in the English dub, and also voices Rowen Hashiba.

According to "The Encyclopedia of YST", if Sekhmet/Naaza were to use his powers for good, he would be able to heal injuries and illnesses. He would also be able to turn venom into medicine.

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