Treaty of Brömsebro

Treaty of Brömsebro

The Treaty of Brömsebro (or the Peace of Brömsebro) was signed on August 13, 1645, which ended the Torstenson War (a local conflict that began in 1643 and was part of the larger Thirty Years' War) between Sweden and Denmark-Norway. Negotiations for the treaty began in February the same year in the village of Brömsebro on the border between provinces Blekinge and Småland. The military strength of Sweden ultimately forced Denmark-Norway to give in to Swedish demands, ceding the Norwegian provinces of Jämtland, Härjedalen and Idre & Särna as well as the Danish Baltic Sea islands of Gotland and Ösel. Also in the terms of the peace, Sweden was exempted from the “sound dues”, a toll on foreign ships passing through Danish waters into the Baltic Sea. In addition to this, Sweden received the Danish province of Halland for a period of 30 years as a guarantee of these provisions. It was followed by the Treaty of Roskilde of 1658, which forced Denmark-Norway to further concessions.


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