103 (number)

103 (one hundred [and] three) is the natural number following 102 and preceding 104.

Cardinal one hundred [and] three
Ordinal 103rd
(one hundred [and] third)
Numeral system 103
Factorization prime
Prime 27th
Divisors 1, 103
Roman numeral CIII
Binary 11001112
Octal 1478
Duodecimal 8712
Hexadecimal 6716


In mathematics

One hundred [and] three is the 27th prime number. The previous prime is 101, making them both twin primes. It is also a happy number.

103 is a strictly non-palindromic number.

In science

In other fields

When "and" is required for the number name, 103 is the smallest number requiring 18 letters when spelled out in English.

One hundred three is also:

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