Paige was originally an English surname, a spelling variation of Page, derived from an Old French word meaning "young helper", similar to the English word "page" or "pageboy".

In modern times Paige has become a given name, generally given to girls in North America since the middle of the 20th century, but also occasionally to boys. Page and Payge are alternative spellings for the given name.

People (surname)

* Elaine Paige, British singer and actress
* Janis Paige, American actress
* Satchel Paige, American baseball player
* Yasmin Paige, British actress

People (given name)

* Paige Bernhardt, American television writer and producer, playwright and film maker
* Paige Davis, American actress
* Paige Gordon, Canadian diver
* Paige Kreegel, American politician
* Paige Moss, American actress
* Paige Summers, American adult model and porn star
* Paige Sun Chinese author,film director and fashion designer
* Paige Turco, American actress
* Paige White, American fetish model
* Paige Young, "Playboy"'s Playmate of the Month in November 1964
* Paige James*

Fictional characters

* Paige Fox, a character in the "FoxTrot" comic
* Paige Matthews, a lead character on the American television series "Charmed"
* Paige Michalchuk, a character on the Canadian television series "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
* Paige Chase, character from canceled TV show "Quintuplets"

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