Nashville Union order of battle

The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Nashville of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is shown separately.


Abbreviations used

Military rank


  • w = wounded
  • k = killed

Union Army

MG George H. Thomas

  • Chief-of-Staff BG William D. Whipple

IV Corps

BG Thomas J. Wood

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Nathan Kimball

1st Brigade

   Col Isaac M. Kirby

  • 21st Illinois: Cpt William H. Jamison
  • 38th Illinois: Cpt Andrew M. Pollard
  • 31st Indiana: Col John T. Smith
  • 81st Indiana: Maj Edward G. Mathey
  • 90th Ohio: Ltc Samuel N. Yeoman
  • 101st Ohio: Ltc Bedan B. McDonald
2nd Brigade

   BG Walter C. Whitaker

  • 96th Illinois: Maj George Hicks
  • 115th Illinois: Col Jesse H. Moore
  • 35th Indiana: Ltc Augustus G. Tassin
  • 21st Kentucky: Ltc James C. Evans
  • 23rd Kentucky: Ltc George W. Northup
  • 45th Ohio: Ltc John H. Humphrey
  • 51st Ohio: Ltc Charles H. Wood
3rd Brigade

   BG William Grose

  • 75th Illinois: Col John E. Bennett
  • 80th Illinois: Cpt James Cunningham
  • 84th Illinois: Ltc Charles H. Morton
  • 9th Indiana: Col Isaac C. B. Suman
  • 30th Indiana: Cpt Henry W. Lawton
  • 36th Indiana (one company): Lt John P. Swisher
  • 84th Indiana: Maj John C. Taylor
  • 77th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas E. Rose

Second Division
     BG Washington Lafayette Elliott

1st Brigade

   Col Emerson Opdycke

  • 36th Illinois: Maj Levi P. Holden
  • 44th Illinois: Cpt Alonzo W. Clark
  • 74th Illinois: Cpt Wilson Burroughs
  • 74th-88th Illinois: Ltc George W. Smith
  • 125th Ohio: Maj Joseph Bruff
  • 24th Wisconsin: Cpt William Kennedy
2nd Brigade

   Col John Q. Lane

  • 100th Illinois: Ltc Charles M.Hammend
  • 40th Indiana: Ltc Henry Leaming
  • 57th Indiana: Ltc Willis Blanch, Maj John S. McGraw
  • 28th Kentucky: Maj George W. Barth, Ltc J. Rowan Boone
  • 26th Ohio: Cpt William Clark
  • 97th Ohio: Ltc Milton Barnes, Cpt Clarkson C. Nichols
3rd Brigade

   Col Joseph Conrad

  • 42nd Illinois: Ltc Edgar D. Swain
  • 51st Illinois: Cpt Albert M. Tilton
  • 79th Illinois: Col Allen Buckner
  • 15th Missouri: Cpt George Ernst
  • 64th Ohio: Ltc Robert Carson Brown
  • 65th Ohio: Maj Orlow Smith

Third Division
     BG Samuel Beatty

1st Brigade

   Col Abel D. Streight

  • 89th Illinois: Ltc William D. Williams
  • 51st Indiana: Cpt William W. Scearce
  • 8th Kansas: Ltc John Conover
  • 15th Ohio: Col Frank Askew, Ltc John McClenahan
  • 49th Ohio: Maj Luther M. Strong, Cpt Daniel Hartsough
2nd Brigade

   Col Philip S. Post (w)
   Ltc Robert L. Kimberly

  • 59th Illinois: Maj James M. Stookey
  • 41st Ohio: Ltc Robert L. Kimberly, Cpt Ezra Dunham
  • 71st Ohio: Ltc James H. Hart, Cpt William H. McClure
  • 93rd Ohio: Ltc Daniel Bowman
  • 124th Ohio: Ltc James Pickands
3rd Brigade

   Col Frederick Knefler

  • 79th Indiana: Ltc George W. Parker
  • 86th Indiana: Col George F. Dick
  • 13th Ohio (battalion of four companies): Maj Joseph T. Snider
  • 19th Ohio: Ltc Henry G. Stratton

   Maj Wilbur F. Goodspeed

  • 25th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Frederick C. Sturm
  • Battery A, 1st Kentucky Light: Cpt Theodore S. Thomasson
  • Battery E, 1st Michigan Light: Cpt Peter De Vries
  • Battery G, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt Alexander Marshall
  • 6th Battery, Ohio Light: Lt Aaron P. Baldwin
  • Battery B, Pennsylvania Light: Cpt Jacob Ziegler
  • Battery M, 4th U.S. Light: Lt Samuel Canby


MG John M. Schofield

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     MG Darius N. Couch

1st Brigade

   BG Joseph A. Cooper

  • 130th Indiana: Col Charles S. Parrish
  • 26th Kentucky: Col Cicero Maxwell
  • 25th Michigan: Cpt Samuel L. Demarest
  • 99th Ohio: Ltc John E. Cummins
  • 3rd Tennessee: Col William Cross
  • 6th Tennessee: Ltc Edward Maynard
2nd Brigade

   Col Orlando H. Moore

  • 107th Illinois: Cpt John W. Wood
  • 80th Indiana: Ltc Alfred D. Owen
  • 129th Indiana: Col Charles A. Zollinger
  • 23rd Michigan: Col Oliver L. Spaulding
  • 111th Ohio: Ltc Isaac R. Sherwood
  • 118th Ohio: Maj Edgar Sowers
3rd Brigade

   Col John Mehringer

  • 91st Indiana: Ltc Charles H. Butterfield
  • 123rd Indiana: Col John C. McQuiston
  • 50th Ohio: Ltc Hamilton S. Gillespie
  • 183rd Ohio: Col George W. Hoge

Third Division
     BG Jacob D. Cox

1st Brigade

   Col Charles C. Doolittle

  • 12th Kentucky: Ltc Laurence H. Rousseau
  • 16th Kentucky: Cpt Jacob Miller
  • 100th Ohio: Ltc Edwin L. Hayes
  • 104th Ohio: Col Oscar W. Sterl
  • 8th Tennessee: Cpt James W. Berry
2nd Brigade

   Col John S. Casement

  • 65th Illinois: Ltc W. Scott Stewart
  • 65th Indiana: Ltc John W. Hammond
  • 124th Indiana: Col John M. Orr
  • 103rd Ohio: Cpt Henry S. Pickands
  • 5th Tennessee: Ltc Nathaniel Witt
3rd Brigade

   Col Israel N. Stiles

  • 112th Illinois: Maj Tristram T. Dow
  • 63rd Indiana: Ltc Daniel Morris
  • 120th Indiana: Maj John M. Barcus
  • 128th Indiana: Ltc Jasper Packard
  • 175th Ohio: Col Daniel W. McCoy [at Fort Negley]
  • 15th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Alonzo D. Harvey
  • 19th Battery, Ohio Light: Cpt Frank Wilson
  • 23rd Battery, Indiana Light: Lt Aaron A. Wilber
  • Battery D, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt Giles J. Cockerill

Detachment, Army of the Tennessee

MG Andrew J. Smith

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG John McArthur

1st Brigade

   Col William L. McMillen

  • 114th Illinois: Cpt John M. Johnson
  • 93rd Indiana: Col DeWitt C. Thomas, Cpt Charles A. Hubbard
  • 10th Minnesota: Ltc Samuel P. Jennison, Cpt Edwin C. Sanders
  • 72nd Ohio: Ltc Charles G. Eaton
  • 95th Ohio: Ltc Jefferson Brumback
  • Cogswell's Battery, Illinois Light Artillery: Lt S. Hamilton McClaury
2nd Brigade

   Col Lucius F. Hubbard

  • 5th Minnesota: Ltc William B. Gere
  • 9th Minnesota: Col Josiah F. Marsh
  • 11th Missouri: Ltc Eli Bowyer, Maj Modesta J. Green
  • 8th Wisconsin: Ltc William B. Britton
  • 2nd Battery, Iowa Light Artillery: Cpt Joseph R. Reed
3rd Brigade

   Col Sylvester G. Hill (k)
   Col William R. Marshall

  • 12th Iowa: Ltc John H. Stibbs
  • 35th Iowa: Maj William Dill, Cpt Abraham N. Snyder
  • 7th Minnesota: Col William R. Marshall, Ltc George Bradley
  • 33rd Missouri: Ltc William H. Heath
  • Battery I, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery: Cpt Stephen H. Julian

Second Division
   BG Kenner Garrard

1st Brigade

   Col David Moore

  • 119th Illinois: Col Thomas J. Kinney
  • 122nd Illinois: Ltc James F. Drish
  • 89th Indiana: Ltc Hervey Craven
  • 21st Missouri: Ltc Edwin Moore
  • 9th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery: Lt Samuel G. Calfee
2nd Brigade

   Col James I. Gilbert

  • 58th Illinois: Maj Robert W. Healy
  • 27th Iowa: Ltc Jed Lake
  • 32nd Iowa: Ltc Gustavus A. Eberhart
  • 10th Kansas (four companies): Cpt William C. Jones
  • 3rd Battery, Indiana Light Artillery: Lt Thomas J. Ginn
3rd Brigade

   Col Edward H. Wolfe

  • 49th Illinois: Col Phineas Pease
  • 117th Illinois: Ltc Jonathan Merriam
  • 52nd Indiana: Ltc Zalmon S. Main
  • 178th New York: Cpt John B. Gandolfo
  • Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery: Cpt John W. Lowell

Third Division
   Col Jonathan B. Moore

1st Brigade

   Col Lyman M. Ward

2nd Brigade

   Col Leander Blanden

  • 14th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Francis W. Morse
  • Battery A, 2nd Missouri Light: Lt John Zepp

Provisional Detachment (District of the Etowah)

MG James B. Steedman

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Provisional Division
     BG Charles Cruft

1st Colored Brigade

   Col Thomas J. Morgan

  • 14th U.S. Colored Troops: Ltc Henry C. Corbin
  • 16th U.S. Colored Troops: Col William B. Gaw
  • 17th U.S. Colored Troops: Col William R. Shafter
  • 18th U.S. Colored Troops (battalion): Maj Lewis D. Joy
  • 44th U.S. Colored Troops: Col Lewis Johnson
2nd Colored Brigade

   Col Charles R. Thompson

  • 12th U S. Colored Troops: Ltc William R. Sellon, Cpt Henry Hegner
  • 13th U.S. Colored Troops: Col John A. Hottenstein
  • 100th U.S. Colored Troops: Maj Collin Ford
  • 1st Battery, Kansas Light Artillery: Cpt Marcus D. Tenney
1st Brigade

   Col Benjamin Harrison

  • 3 battalions detached from the XX Corps
2nd Brigade

   Col John G. Mitchell

  • Consisted of men on detached duty from the Army of the Tennessee
3rd Brigade

   Ltc Charles H. Grosvenor

  • 68th Indiana
  • 18th Ohio [mustered out of service November 9, 1864]
  • 2nd Battalion, XIV Corps
  • 20th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Milton A. Osborne
  • 18th Ohio Battery: Cpt Charles C. Aleshire
  • 68th Indiana: Ltc Harvey J Espy
  • 18th Ohio: Cpt Ebenezer Grosvenor, Cpt John M. Benedict, Lt Charles Grant

Post of Nashville
     BG John F. Miller

2nd Brigade, Fourth Division, XX Corps

   Col Edwin C. Mason

  • 142nd Indiana: Col John M. Comparet
  • 45th New York: Ltc Adolphus Dobke
  • 176th Ohio: Ltc William B. Nesbitt
  • 179th Ohio: Col Harley H. Sage
  • 182nd Ohio: Col Lewis Butler
  • 3rd Kentucky (part)
  • 28th Michigan: Col William W. Wheeler
  • 173rd Ohio: Col John R. Hurd
  • 78th Pennsylvania (battalion, 2 companies): Maj Henry W. Torbett
  • Veteran Reserve Corps: Col Frank P. Cahill
  • 44th Wisconsin (battalion): Ltc Oliver C. Bissell
  • 45th Wisconsin (battalion)
Garrison Artillery

   Maj John J. Ely

  • Bridges' Battery, Illinois Light: Lt Lyman A. White
  • 2nd Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt James S. Whicher
  • 4th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Benjamin F. Johnson
  • 12th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt James E. White
  • 21st Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Abram Piatt Andrew
  • 22nd Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Edward W. Nicholson
  • 24th Battery, Indiana Light: Lt Hiram Allen
  • Battery F, 1st Michigan Light: Cpt Byron D. Paddock
  • Battery A, 1st Ohio Light: Lt Charles W. Scovill
  • Battery E, 1st Ohio Light: Lt Frank B. Reckard
  • 20th Battery, Ohio Light: Cpt William Backus
  • Battery C, 1st Tennessee Light: Lt Joseph Grigsby
  • Battery D, 1st Tennessee Light: Cpt Samuel D. Leinart
  • Battery A, 3rd U.S. Colored Light: Cpt Josiah V. Meigs
Quartermaster’s Division

   BG James L. Donaldson

Cavalry Corps

MG James H. Wilson


4th United States, Lt. Joseph Hedges
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division

1st Brigade

   BG John T. Croxton

  • 8th Iowa: Col Joseph B. Dorr
  • 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry: Col Robert M. Kelly
  • 2nd Michigan: Ltc Benjamin Smith
  • 1st Tennessee: Ltc Calvin M. Dyer
  • Board of Trade Battery, Illinois Light Artillery: Cpt George I. Robinson
2nd and 3rd Brigades under BG E. M. McCook in western Kentucky

5th Division
     BG Edward Hatch

1st Brigade

   Col Robert R. Stewart

  • 3rd Illinois: Ltc Robert H. Carnahan
  • 11th Indiana: Ltc Abram Sharra
  • 12th Missouri: Col Oliver Wells
  • 10th Tennessee: Maj William P. Story, Maj James T. Abernathy
2nd Brigade

   Col Datus E. Coon

  • 6th Illinois: Ltc John Lynch
  • 7th Illinois: Maj John M. Graham
  • 9th Illinois: Cpt Joseph W. Harper
  • 2nd Iowa: Maj Charles C. Horton
  • 12th Tennessee Cavalry: Col George Spalding
  • Battery I, 1st Illinois Light Artillery: Lt Joseph A. McCarthey

6th Division
     BG Richard W. Johnson

1st Brigade

   Col Thomas J. Harrison

  • 16th Illinois: Maj Charles H. Beeres
  • 5th Iowa: Ltc Harlon Baird
  • 7th Ohio: Col Israel Garrard
2nd Brigade

   Col James Biddle

  • 14th Illinois: Maj Haviland Tompkins
  • 6th Indiana: Maj Jacob S. Stephens
  • 8th Michigan: Col Elisha Mix
  • 3rd Tennessee: Maj Benjamin Cunningham
  • Battery I, 4th United States: Lt Frank G. Smith

7th Division
   BG Joseph F. Knipe

1st Brigade

   BG John H. Hammond

  • 9th Indiana: Col George W. Jackson
  • 10th Indiana: Ltc Benjamin Q. A. Gresham
  • 19th Pennsylvania: Ltc Joseph C. Hess
  • 2nd Tennessee: Ltc William R. Cook
  • 4th Tennessee: Ltc Jacob M. Thornburgh
2nd Brigade

   Col Gilbert M. L. Johnson

  • 12th Indiana: Col Edward Anderson
  • 13th Indiana: Ltc William T. Pepper
  • 6th Tennessee: Col Fielding Hurst
  • 14th Battery, Ohio Light: Lt William C. Myers


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