Durry Quill

Durry Quill is an anthropomorphic hedgehog from the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques. He was voiced by Greg Longridge in the audiobook "Mariel of Redwall" and by Dave Foode in the framing scenes for "Martin the Warrior".

As a young hedgehog, Durry grew up being trained as a Cellarhog by his beloved uncle Gabriel Quill. However, upon learning of the quest of Mariel Gullwhacker and Dandin the Sword Carrier, he decided to accompany them. The young hog's logic and knowledge of healing poultices proved invaluable in the journey to do battle with Gabool the Wild. Like his friends, Durry was a captain of the Trag resistance alongside Badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe of Salamandastron and Joseph the Bellmaker.

Four seasons later, Durry had replaced his late uncle as Cellarhog of Redwall Abbey. However, he was one of five chosen, along with his friend Rufe Brush, to journey to the land of Southsward and help Mariel and Dandin battle Urgan Nagru. Along the way, Durry was mentored in the ways of the warrior by the sea otter Finnbarr Galedeep. After the battle ended, Durry was given one of the otter's swords for his bravery, which he named Finnbarr in honor of its deceased former owner. Durry returned to Redwall, and later assisted Rufe in telling the story to a group of Dibbuns.

Durry commonly wielded an assortment of daggers, but his usual attack method was to roll up in a ball, protecting himself and injuring enemies with his sharp spikes.

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