Silver azide

Silver azide

Chembox new
ImageFile = Silver-azide-high-T-single-layer-3D-vdW.png Name = Silver azide
OtherNames =
Section1 = Chembox Identifiers
CASNo = 13863-88-2

Section2 = Chembox Properties
Formula = AgN3
MolarMass = 149.888 g/mol
Appearance = colourless solid
Density = 4.42 g/cm3, solid
MeltingPt = 250 °C, explosive
BoilingPt = decomp.
Solvent = other solvents
SolubleOther = 2.0x10-8 g/L

Silver azide is the chemical compound with the formula AgN3. This colourless solid is a well known explosive.

Preparation, structure, decomposition

Silver azide can be prepared by treating an aqueous solution of silver nitrate with sodium azide. The silver azide precipitates as a white solid.:AgNO3(aq) + NaN3(aq) → AgN3(s) + NaNO3(aq)

X-ray crystallography shows that AgN3 is a coordination polymer with square planar Ag+ coordinated by four azide ligands. Correspondingly, each end of each azide ligand is connected to a pair of Ag+ centers. The structure consists of two-dimensional AgN3 layers stacked one on top of the other, with weaker Ag-N bonds between layers. The coordination of Ag+ can alternatively be described as highly distorted 4 + 2 octahedral, the two more distant nitrogen atoms being part of the layers above and below. [ cite journal | author = Schmidt, C. L. Dinnebier, R.; Wedig, U.; Jansen, M. | title = Crystal Structure and Chemical Bonding of the High-Temperature Phase of AgN3 | journal = Inorganic Chemistry | year = 2007 | volume = 46 | pages = 907-916 | doi = 10.1021/ic061963n ] .

In its most characteristic reaction, the solid decomposes explosively, releasing nitrogen gas:: 2 AgN3(s) → 3 N2(g) + 2 Ag(s)


AgN3, like most heavy metal azides, can be dangerously explosive.


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