Paradise (disambiguation)

Paradise is a pleasant place, an enclosed garden, or heaven.

Paradise may also refer to:

In Sport:

*Celtic Park, home of Celtic F.C., referred to by supporters and the Scottish media as Paradise.

In United States geography:

* Paradise, Arizna
* Paradise, California
* Paradise, Kansas
* Paradise, Kentucky
* Paradise, Michigan
* Paradise, Montana
* Paradise, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas
* Paradise, Pennsylvania
* Paradise, Texas
* Paradise, Utah
* Paradise, Washington, a popular visitor center at Mount Rainier

In British geography:

* Paradise, Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England

In other geography:

* Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
* Paradise, Otago, New Zealand
* Paradise, South Australia
* Paradise, Queensland, Australia, a ghost town

In film:

* "Paradise" (1982 film), film starring Phoebe Cates and Willie Aames
* "Paradise" (1991 film), film starring Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson

In literature:

* "Paradise" (Il Paradiso), the third book of Dante's "Divine Comedy"
* "Paradise" (novel), novel by Toni Morrison
* "Paradise" (Koji Suzuki novel), novel by Koji Suzuki

In music:

* "Paradise (album)", 2005 album by Paint It Black
* "Paradise (TQ)", 2008 R&B album by TQ
* "Paradise (Inner City album)", 1989 album by dance music act Inner City
* "Paradise (Jane album)", 2002 album by experimental group Jane
* "Paradise (Joy and the Boy album)", album by Joy and the Boy
* "Paradise (Leroy Hutson album)", album by Leroy Hutson
* "Paradize", 2002 album by Indochine
* "Paradise" (Pirates of the Mississippi album), album by Pirates of the Mississippi
* "Paradise (song)", a 2002 song by LL Cool J featuring Amerie
* "Paradise (The Boo Radleys song)", song by The Boo Radleys from their 1992 album "Everything's Alright Forever"
* "Paradise (Diana Ross song)", a song by Diana Ross from her 1989 album "Workin' Overtime"
* "Paradise (John Prine song)", song by John Prine about Paradise, Kentucky
* "Paradise (Sade song)" a hit song by Sade from her 1988 album "Stronger Than Pride"
* "Paradise (Not for Me)", a song by American singer Madonna from her 2000 album "Music" and Mirwais Ahmadzaï's album "Production"
* "Paradise", a 1996 single by John Anderson
* Paradise the Architect, original member of the X-Clan
* "Paradise (Styx song)", one of the three original songs on the Styx "Return to Paradise" album.

In television:

* "Paradise" ("DS9" episode), episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
* Paradise (The Outer Limits), episode of "The Outer Limits" television series
* "Paradise" (TV series), 1988-1990 television show
* Paradise Estate

In other fields:

* Paradise Community Church, a Pentecostal megachurch in Adelaide, South Australia
* Paradise (video game), 2006 computer adventure game
* Paradise Systems, a subsidiary of Western Digital that produced video cards between 1986 and 1995

ee also

* Another Day in Paradise (disambiguation)
* Gangsta's Paradise
* Paradise City (disambiguation)
* Paradise Lost (disambiguation)
* Paradise Township
* Paradise Valley
* Stranger in Paradise
* Surfers Paradise (disambiguation)

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