The Prince Who Turns into a Frog

The Prince Who Turns into a Frog

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The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog (zh-tsp|t=王子變青蛙|s=王子变青蛙|p=Wángzǐ biàn qīngwā) is a Taiwanese idol drama which was first aired in 2005. From its pilot episode, the show attracted a large number of viewers due to the popularity of its cast and their affiliates. Ratings for the show grew steadily with each episode and the show has since seen its ratings hit an all-time high, beating even that of Meteor Garden- the now legendary drama which launched the careers of F4 and started the idol drama craze in Asia. The series stars all the members of 183 Club and 2 members of 7 Flowers; both musical groups are signed under Jungiery Star. The series has also spawned the creation of a much-loved frog character named after the iconic central character, Dang Ou.


Chinese title (traditional): 王子變青蛙

Chinese title (simplified): 王子变青蛙

PinYin title: Wángzǐ biàn qīngwā

English title: The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog

Indonesian title: Pangeran Kodok

Philippine title (simplified): Frog Prince

Japanese title: カエルになった王子様


* Ming Dao as Shan Jun Hao (單均昊)/Dangou (茼蒿)
* Sam Wang as Xu Zi Qian (徐子騫)
* Chen Qiao En as Ye Tian Yu (葉天瑜)
* Zhao Hong Qiao as Fan Yun Xi (范芸熙)
* Gino as Zhang Ming Han (張明寒)
* Su Li Xin as Su Li Xin (蘇立欣)
* Wang Juan (王琄) as Chen Jin Zhi (陳金枝)

Extended Cast

* Li Dai Ling as Jiang Cai Yue (江采月)
* Ehlo Huang Yu Rong as Li Da Wei (李大偉)
* Zhao Shun as Tang Shun Ming (唐順明)
* Cheng Bo Ren as Li Tong Luo (李銅鑼)
* Anthony as Ye Zheng Zhe (葉正哲)
* Yun Zhong Yue as Shan Yao Rong (單耀榮)
* Lu Man Yin (呂曼茵) as Wu Yue Jiao (吴月嬌) / Wu Feng Jiao (吴鳳嬌)
* Qiu Long Jie as Tong Hua Shun (童花順)
* Na Wei Xun as Chuan Yu Nan
* Hu Pei Wei as Wang Pin Sheng
* Yang Hao as Gary
* Johnny Yan as Xie Quan (謝全)
* Jacky Chu as Huang Mai Ke (黃麥克)
* Sun Xing
* Hu Kang Xing (胡康星) as Ah Sheng (阿勝)
* Renzo Liu as Ding Yuan Xun (丁元勳)
* Sonia Sui as Dai An Fen (黛安芬)

Characters introduction

Shan Jun Hao (單均昊) - played by Matthew Lin Chao Zhang

Age: 28
He is the GM of Senwell Hotels, and he takes his work very seriously. Many people dislike him for his tyrannical way of working, and all of them are waiting for his downfall. Fan Yun Xi is his fiancée, but actually he doesn't really love her, it's just habit for him because his parents brought him up with the ideology that he and Yun Xi were to marry each other. He actually has a nice side of him, in his heart, though it is not seen in his work, where he has to be fierce in the competitive world. He became Dang Ou after a car accident caused by Tong Hua Shun (Xu Zi Qian's friend).

Dang Ou (茼蒿) - also played by Matthew Lin Chao Zhang

Age: 28
Though he and Shan Jun Hao are one, he seems to appear as the other side of Jun Hao's heart. After the accident which causes him to lose his memory, he was brought into Tian Yu's truck to her house where he wakes. When he awakes, a panic arrives, because he doesn't remember his identity and they must make one up. Ye Tian Yu's whimsical little brother, Ye Zheng Zhe, created the name "Dang Ou". From there, the family said he was Tian Yu's distant cousin who was brought there illegally and now is hiding. He's almost completely opposite of his mental counterpart. He's quite the gentleman and does his best to please others. At this state, he no longer remembers Fan Yun Xi or Xu Zi Qian. He falls in love with Tian Yu when he is Dang Ou.

Ye Tian Yu (葉天瑜) - played by Joe Chen Qiao En

Age: 23
Because her family had financial problems, Ye Tian Yu knows money is very important. She can lie about anything for money. Many people see her as a cheat, but she's actually a very caring, innocent, simple girl. She wishes to marry a wealthy man, till Dang Ou (Shan Jun hao) appeared. Though money is very much part of her life, and has got in trouble for her effort with Dang Ou, she becomes infatuated with Dang Ou. She cannot hold her liquor well...

Xu Zi Qian (徐子騫) - played by Sam Wang Shao Wei

Age: 29
Xu Zi Qian was adopted by the Shan family after his parents were killed in a gas explosion caused by Shan Jun Hao's father Shan Yao Rong (although he doesn't know about that in the front episodes). He is the Head Director of Senwell, and he has a more caring personality than Shan Jun Hao. He is truly in love with Fan Yun Xi and cares for her deeply; whenever Yun Xi is in pain, he softens her with a piece of candy. However, he loses his dream girl Fan Yun Xi to Shan Jun Hao, because of Fan Yun Xi's delusions of having a family. This makes him at bitter to Shan Jun Hao at first. He pledges with Tian Yu, that they will try to win back their lovers, but if they fail, they will date.

Fan Yun Xi (范芸熙) - played by Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao

Age: 23
She was left by her parents at Senwell, and she has since been living with the Shans. Although Xu Zi Qian is always there for her, she only loves Shan Jun Hao because she always thought that Shan Jun Hao was the 1st person to care for her after being left behind by her mother at Senwell. She's smart and beautiful, and she always tries to please Shan Jun Hao. She has never got over her childhood memories of getting left behind by her mother. She was groomed by Shan Jun Hao's parents to become Shan Jun Hao's perfect bride, and so it has always been a childhood dream of hers to be a pretty bride and marry Shan Jun Hao.

Zhang Ming Han (張明寒) - played by Gino

Age: 27
He is the Vice President of Senwell. Inheriting his father's intelligence and management skills, he felt he had to become the manager. But not holding most of the stock, he can only retain the title Deputy GM, apparently lower than Jun Hao. He opposes Jun Hao completely and regards him as an enemy and the downfall of Senwell. Feeling as though he has the opportunity, when JunHao disappeared, he tried convincing Jun Hao's mother to pledge him GM, but failed. He schemed a plan to unravel the truth of Xi Qian's mysterious death of his father, in order to win back control of Senwell. Not realizing the amount of damage he would do on Xi Qian, he ultimately returns to Jun Hao to help him bring Xi Qian back from his condition.

Li Da Wei (played by Huang Yu Rong)

Age: 26
He is Jun Hao's trusted partner and assistant. He is slightly less serious than Jun Hao and tends to contradict him. But, whenever Jun Hao needs to resolve an internal conflict, he turns to him for support.

Ye Zheng Zhe (葉正哲) - played by Anthony -LaLa-

Age: 21
Ye Tian Yu's whimsical little brother, whom at times has brilliant moments and not so brilliant ones. He is the one that created the name "Dang Ou" while Jun Hao was having amnesia.


*Shan Jun Hao, who every girl LOVESSS by many people for his personality, gets hit by a car in a planned accident on the day of his wedding with Fan Yun Xi, a woman who loves Jun Hao. Ye Tian Yu, who thought that it was her fault for crashing into the unconscious Jun Hao, brings him home (because she doesn't want to get arrested). He wakes up but doesn't remember anything of his past, so Ye Zheng Zhe, Tian Yu's brother, told him that his name was Dang Ou and he was their illegal cousin. Tian Yu and Dang Ou slowly develop feelings for each other. During this time, Xu Zi Qian, a close friend of Shan Jun Hao, and Fa Yun Xi also begin to develop feelings for each other after they had given up looking for Jun Hao. Love and romance fills these two couples up. However, good times never last. Xu Zi Qian finds Dang Ou, and together with Yun Xi, forces Tian Yu to return Dang Ou. Tian Yu is granted one last day. After their last date, Tian Yu brings Dang Ou back to his real home. But Dang Ou doesn't give up and searches for Tian Yu. When he finally finds her, he gets hit on the head by gangsters and forgets the memories as Dang Ou and the sweet moments with Tian Yu. Then he become Shan Jun Hao again. Xu Zi Qian is in pain as well, because he loves Fan Yun Xi, but she has a blind loyalty to Shan Jun Hao, and almost immediately dumps Xu Zi Qian. Everything was back to "normal."
*But love will not disappear easily...ahahahah i love this Ye Tian Yu meets Shan Jun Hao again. But Jun Hao does not clearly recall anything about Tian Yu, only loving memories of Fan Yun Xi. Being crushed, Xu Zi Qian and Ye Tian Yu start dating in order to forget about Jun Hao and Yun Xi. Zhang Min Han, the deputy-GM of Senwell, digs up information about the Shan's history between them and Yun Xu. When this is revealed to Xu Zi Qian and her ill-ridden mother, the mother dies of a heart-attack. Xu Ziqian develops a mental and emotional breakdown, and needs TianYu. But when he needed her the most, she was embracing Jun Hao during his wedding reception with Yun Xi. The constant/random encounters causes Jun Hao to slowly remember his life with Tian Yu and the side of Dang Ou awakens again.
*At this point, Jun Hao then tells Tian Yu everything he feels for her at their wedding reception, in front of everybody, including Xu Zi Qian and Fan Yun Xi. Knowing it was a forbidden love, Tian Yu runs away in tears. Since she did, Xu Zi Qian's emotions become more violent, to the point where his naturally kind and gentle-hearted personality becomes harsh and unkind. He becomes the rightful owner of Senwell. Zhang Min Han, in hopes for a higher position, did this on purpose to Zi Qian, but it had gotten too far. At this point, Zi Qian believed all the problems of his life were Senwell's fault, and begins to sell it. Fan Yun Xi later that day decided to divorce Jun Hao for his happiness, but because of her obsessive dreams of having a family, she too has a mental/emotional breakdown.
*Jun Hao/Dang Ou returns to Tian Yu and they begin to pick up where they left off. Coincidentally, Xi Qian receives a call to pick up Fan Yun Xi because she fell into a river. Both are currently mentally and emotionally unstable, but Zi Qian, seeing Yun Xi in her state, gets more angry at Senwell and blames them for this. Zhang Min Han, in desperation, needs help for the person he brought down, Shan Jun Hao. Together, they stopped Xu Zi Qian from doing a huge mistake. Yun Xi, probably because of the moment, remembers that it was not Jun Hao that was there for her first, but Zi Qian, and she falls for him again. Zi Qian, after this incident, snaps out of it, and realizes that he loves Yun Xi too. So in the end, Tian Yu and Jun Hao get married, and Xu Zi Qian and Fan Yun Xi become a couple of travellers.

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