Roulette (disambiguation)

"Roulette" may refer to:
*Roulette, a game of chance popular in casinos
*Roulette (band), a popular Russian-International Emo / Hard Rock band
*Roulette (comics), Marvel Comics character and DC character
*Roulette (curve), a kind of curve used in differential geometry
*Roulette Records, a jazz/R&B label eventually sold to EMI
*Roulette, a song by Bruce Springsteen
*Roulette, a song by System of a Down
*Roulette (Transformers), a fictional female Autobot from the Transformers series
*Roulettes, airplane stunt crew
*The Roulettes, English rock band
*"Blackjack & Roulette", a song by The Young Werewolves from the 2004 album "The Young Werewolves"
*Roulette (football), a French term for a football trick called the "rainbow kick"

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