Lock key

Lock key

Lock is a function that locks part of a keyboard keys depending on the lock settings selected. Most keyboards have three different types of "lock" functions:

*Number Lock – "Num Lock"
*Capital Lock – "Caps Lock"
*Scrolling Lock – "Scroll Lock"

The lock keys are scattered around the keyboard. Most styles of keyboards have three LEDs indicating which locks are enabled, in the upper right corner above the numpad. Some ergonomic keyboards instead place the lock indicators in between the key split.Some brands of keyboards have an "Office Lock" key, and may replace the scroll lock indicator with an office lock indicator. Office Lock, when enabled, will enable alternate functions of the function keys, meant for use with various word processing or email programs.

Num Lock is usually located in the upper left corner of the number pad. When enabled, this allows the user to type numbers by pressing the keys on the number pad, rather than having them act as up, down, left, right, page up, end, and so forth.

Caps Lock is located at left end of the keyboard, above the left shift key. When enabled, letters the user types will be in uppercase by default rather than lowercase.

Scroll Lock is usually located to the right of the function keys.

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