Macro may refer to:
* Macro (computer science) (for "macroinstruction"), a computer science term for a set of instructions that is represented in an abbreviated format.
* Macro photography, a type of close-up photography
* image macro, a picture with text superimposed
* macroscopic, subjects visible to the eye
* Macro practice or community practice, a type of social work
* macromanagement, a concept in real-time strategy computer games
* Macro (pologamist), one of the main protagonists in the Eagle Series, by Simon Scarrow
* The Monopole, Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory, a particle physics experiment
* macroeconomics, economics from the national level
* macrosociology, as above but for the sociology


* Naevius Sutorius Macro, the Ancient Roman praetorian prefect

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