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"BBC History" is a magazine devoted to history enthusiasts of all levels of knowledge and interest. Being a British publication, the magazine focuses particularly on British history, but its remit is worldwide. BBC History is by far the biggest selling history magazine in the UK and is growing in circulation by nearly 7% every year.

About "BBC History"

*Frequency: 12 issues / year
*Circulation: 58,395 [ABC July–Dec 2007]
*Price: £3.60
*Editor: Dr Dave Musgrove
*Publisher: Andy Benham

A brief history

*"BBC History" magazine was launched in May 2000 by BBC Magazines under the inspired editorship of Greg Neale, an experienced journalist and history graduate.
*In April 2003, "Living History Magazine", a competitor title published by Origin Publishing, joined "BBC History" on the news-stand.
*Following the acquisition of Origin Publishing by BBC Worldwide in February 2004, the two magazines merged. As from the June 2004 issue of BBC History magazine the headline ‘Incorporating Living History Magazine’ was included, and Living History Magazine editor Dave Musgrove, an experienced magazine journalist and doctor of medieval archaeology, was appointed editor of the merged magazine.
*Since the merger, the magazine has prospered, recording successive sales increases and seeing particular success with subscriptions.


*Features: Each issue includes at least 20 pages of features, covering topics from all areas of history. Generally written by academic historians, they are designed to be relevant and topical, and often support historical programming on BBC television and radio.
*News: The magazine includes at least four pages of news each month, along with analyses of the historical background to current events in Britain and around the world.
*Book reviews: A section of book reviews written by historians with experience in the fields concerned.
*Footsteps: Several pages of guides to historic properties that can be visited around the UK.

In the news

BBC History Magazine regularly attracts media attention with its more provocative features. In the January 2006 issue, the magazine's 10 Worst Britons story was widely reported, as was its 'Day for Britain' feature in the April issue (when a vote suggested that the day on which Magna Carta was signed would be a suitable day for a celebration of Britishness, to the ire of some in Scotland), and then in August 2006, its 'Best British Prime Minister' feature also hit the headlines. In 2008, much media capital was made of the question posed in the magazine, in a feature written by Dave Musgrove, of whether it was the right time to ask for the Bayeux Tapestry to be brought over from France for an exhibition.

Advisory board

The magazine has an advisory board of historians including:
*Simon Schama
*Lisa Jardine
*Mick Aston
*Richard Evans
*Laurence Rees
*Kenneth O Morgan
*Ian Kershaw


The magazine launched, in June 2007, its very first podcast. This features interviews with leading historians and has taken off in a big way. [ BBC History Magazine podcast]

External links

* [ BBC History magazine website]
* [ Origin Publishing website]

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