Puli Khumri

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subdivision_name1 = Baghlan Province
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subdivision_name2 = Nurgal District
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population_as_of =2002
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population_total =60,000 (est)

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elevation_m = 635
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Puli Khumri (or Pul-i-Kumri) (PerB|پل خمری) is a city in northern Afghanistan. It is the capital of Baghlan Province and has a population of 60,000 (2002 official estimate).

Hungary heads a Provincial reconstruction team in the city. [cite news |first= Robert |last= McMahon|title= Afghanistan: PRTs Spreading, Though Impact Remains Unclear|url= http://www.rferl.org/featuresarticle/2005/10/448f8c8d-7bfb-4d84-b965-3fee0fae3c4f.html|work= |publisher= Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty|date= Thursday, October 20, 2005|accessdate=2007-12-19 ]


*cite book |last= Dupree|first= Nancy Hatch|title= An Historical Guide to Afghanistan|origyear= 1st Edition: 1970|origmonth= |url= http://www.zharov.com/dupree/index.html|edition= 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged|series= |date= |year= 1977|publisher= Afghan Tourist Organization

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