Hybrid Course

Hybrid courses combine face-to-face (FTF) classroom instruction with electronic online devices. A significant amount of learning in a hybrid course occurs online. As a result, a hybrid course reduces the amount of classroom seat time. [cite web
title=The best of both worlds: teaching a hybrid course.
publisher=Academic Exchange Quarterly (December, 2004)


Hybrid courses are most frequently used in college or other higher education courses. Institutions of higher education choose this delivery method for various reasons, including the following:

# Hybrid courses appeal to the market of busy working adults who choose to complete their college-level education beyond their late teens and early twenties. Hybrid courses allow these adults to fit occasional class time into their busy schedule while completing the remainder of the course work over the internet.
# Hybrid courses reduce pressure on university classrooms. The costs to build and maintain a university is high. Hybrid courses provide a solution to crowded classrooms, since much of the course work is completed on a "virtual campus".
# They bring students together only where/when needed, allowing them to self study otherwise. For example, a chemistry course may require students to perform experiments in a physical laboratory; but the reading and writing of the course could be completed outside of the classroom.


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