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Trunk Records is an independent record label which specialises mainly in film scores, library music, sexploitation and kitsch releases. It was founded in 1995 by Jonny Trunk (born Jonathan Benton-Hughes) and has since gained a cult following as a result of the releases of much sought-after material from scores for cult films such as "Deep Throat", "Kes", "The Wicker Man" and George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead". Other releases include soundtracks for cult UK Television series such as "The Tomorrow People", "UFO", "Bod" and Vernon Elliot's much-loved score for "The Clangers". Initially the label was set up as a means to release material from the Bosworth Library archive, the oldest existing music library. Since then the label has adhered to its mantra of "Music, nostalgia and sex" and established itself as a label popular amongst cult film and TV fans as well as record collectors. It has also become infamous for its records associated with sixties and seventies pornography such as the soundtrack to "Deep Throat", "Flexi-Sex" (a compilation of flexi-discs from 70s British magazines), "Mary Millington Talks Dirty" and "Dirty Fan Male", an album based on Jonny Trunk's own experiences organising various glamour models' fan clubs including that of his sister, Eve Vorley. [ [ Jonny Trunk and his sister Emma Benton-Hughes] , "Sunday Times", 12 February 2006.] The album contains amusing recitals of the fan mail they received and was later turned into an acclaimed live show and a book. Jonny Trunk has also released his own material through the label including his album "The Inside Outside". Various Jonny Trunk side projects have also included Music And Movement classes for children using vintage electronic recordings, official Tony Hart Vision On Tee Shirts and the worlds first book dedicated to the extraordinary graphic art of production library music with graphic mavericks Fuel Design.

"The Ladies' Bras", a single by Trunk and Wisbey, made number 70 on the UK singles chart in August 2007, and re-entered at number 27 in September 2007 after a campaign by BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills. At 36 seconds long, it is the shortest track ever to chart. [ ['Ladies' Bras' Hold U.K. Chart Record] ]

Label Discography

* [BARKED 1P/1LP] Various - "The Super Sounds of Bosworth"
* [BARKED 2LP/2CD] Various - "The Super Sounds of Bosworth, Volume Two"
* [BARKED 3LP/3CD] Various - "The Battle of Bosworth"
* [BARKED 4P/4LP/4CD] Paul Giovanni & Magnet - "The Wicker Man"
* [JBH01] Syd Dale - "Theme to "Screen Test" (Marching There and Back)"
* [SOUP 001LP/001CD] Vernon Elliot - ""
* [TTT001] Jonny Trunk & Slide - "The Snow It Melts The Soonest"
* [TTT002] Jonny Trunk - "Sister Woo"/"Mr Hand"
* [KES001LP/001CD] John Cameron - "Kes Original Soundtrack"
* [B01] Mary Millington - "Mary Millington Talks Dirty"
* [XXX1LP/1CD] Various - "Deep Throat Original Movie Soundtrack"
* [SEC 001LP/001CD] Various - ""
* [WWW1/DFM001LP/001CD] Trunk & Wisbey - "Dirty Fan Male"
* [TTT0003/0003CD] Transcargo - "Oh Boy"
* [JBH 002CD/002LP] John Cameron - "Psychomania Original Soundtrack"
* [JBH 003CD] Basil Kirchin - "Quantum"
* [TTT0004] Jonny Trunk - "Dead Soon"
* [JBH004CD/004LP] Various - "Flexi-Sex"
* [JBH005CD/005LP] Basil Kirchin - "Charcoal Sketches/States Of Mind"
* [JBH 0007CD] Transcargo - "idleluxury"
* [JBH008CD/008LP] Jonny Trunk - "The Inside Outside"
* [JBH 010LP] Various - "UFO"
* [JBH011CD/011LP] Various - ""
* [JBH012CD/012LP] Basil Kirchin - "Abstraction Of The Industrial North"
* [JBH014CD/014LP] Desmond Leslie - "Music Of The Future"
* [JBH015CD] Trunk & Wisbey - "Dirty Fan Male (New & Improved)"
* [JBH016CD/016LP/PD] Derek Griffiths & John Le Mesurier - ""
* [JBH017LP/017CD] Delia Derbyshire, Dudley Simpson, Brian Hodgson & David Vorhaus - "The Tomorrow People Original Television Music"
* [JBH018LP/018CD] Various - "Fuzzy Felt Folk"
* [JBH019LP/019CD] Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers - "Music for Biscuits"
* [JBH020LP/020CD] Sven Libaek - "Inner Space"
* [JBH021LP/021CD] Basil Kirchin - "Particles"
* [JBH022LP/022CD] Michael Garrick Trio - "Moonscape"
* [JBH023LP/023CD] Marc Wilkinson - "Blood on Satan's Claw"
* [JBH024CD] Various - "Now We Are Ten"
* [JBH026LP] Various - "Mike Taylor Remembered"
* [JBH027LP/027CD] The Vernon Elliot Ensemble - "Ivor the Engine" (with music from "Pogles' Wood")

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