Charles Goodhart

Charles Albert Eric Goodhart, CBE, FBA (born 23 October 1936) is an economist. He was a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee from June 1997-May 2000 and a professor at the London School of Economics (1985–2002, Emeritus Professor since 2002). He is the developer of Goodhart's law, an economic law named after him. He is the son of Arthur Lehman Goodhart.




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  • Goodhart, Charles, (2001) “What Weight Should Be Given to Asset Prices in the Measurement of Inflation?” Economic Journal 111 (June): F335–56.
  • Goodhart, Charles (2010) “Is a less pro-cyclical financial system an achievable goal?” National Institute Economic Review 211, pp. 81–90
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  • National Service, 1955-57 (2nd Lieut KRRC)
  • Assistant Lecturer in Economics, Cambridge University, 1963–64
  • Economic Adviser, DEA, 1965–67
  • Lecturer in Monetary Economics, London School of Economics, 1967–69
  • Bank of England:
    • Adviser with particular reference to monetary policy, 1969–80
    • A Chief Adviser, 1980–85
    • External Member, Monetary Policy Committee, 1997–2000
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Exchange Fund, 1990–97
  • Norman Sosnow Professor of Banking and Finance, 1985–2002, now Emeritus Professor, and Member, Financial Markets Group, since 1987, London School of Economics