Retail banking

Retail banking is banking in which banking institutions execute transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks. Services offered include: savings and transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, credit cards, and so forth.


Types of banking

  • Commercial bank has two meanings:
    • Commercial bank is the term used for a normal bank to distinguish it from an investment bank. (After the great depression, the U.S. Congress required that banks only engage in banking activities, whereas investment banks were limited to capital markets activities. This separation is no longer mandatory.)
    • Commercial bank can also refer to a bank or a division of a bank that mostly deals with deposits and loans from corporations or large businesses, as opposed to normal individual members of the public (retail banking). It is the most successful department of banking.
  • Community development bank are regulated banks that provide financial services and credit to underserved markets or populations.
  • Private banks manage the assets of high net worth individuals.
    • Offshore banks are banks located in jurisdictions with low taxation and regulation. Many offshore banks are essentially private banks.
  • Savings banks accept savings deposits.

Retail Banking services are also termed as Personal Banking services

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  • Retail Banker International – news, data, analysis and business information for the retail banking industry:

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