IUPAC_name = 1- [4-(methylthio)phenyl] propan-2-amine

width= 160
CAS_number= 14116-06-04
PubChem= 151900
C=10 | H=15 | S=1 | N=1
molecular_weight = 181.299 g/mol
metabolism =
excretion =
pregnancy_category =
legal_status =

4-Methylthioamphetamine is a drug known as 4MT, 4-MTA, "Flatliners" or 1-(4-methylthiophenyl)-2-aminopropane. 4-MTA is currently a Class A drug in the United Kingdom although it has been suggested it be rescheduled as a Class B drug. [""I think 4MTA, LSD and ecstasy probably shouldn't be Class A," he said." from [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6173272.stm "Call for ecstasy to be downgraded"] , "BBC News", Wednesday, 22 November 2006, 15:57 GMT]


4-MTA is a stimulant and strong serotonin releaser, similar to paramethoxyamphetamine but even more dangerous huh, as it can cause pronounced hyperthermia which can result in organ failure and death. The subjective effects of 4-MTA include prolonged stimulation, which in contrast to other amphetamines, is accompanied by little sense of euphoria. 4MTA is also an MAO-A inhibitor, which may explain its tendency to easily cause adverse effects, as MAOIs are not considered safe to use in conjunction with stimulants.


It was developed by the research team led by David E. Nichols, but was intended to be used only as an agent for laboratory research into the serotonin transporter protein, and Nichols was reportedly horrified when 4-MTA appeared as a drug of abuse on the street.

4-MTA was briefly sold in smartshops in the Netherlands, though was soon banned by the Dutch government after serious side-effects started to emerge. It was also briefly sold on the black market as MDMA during the late 1990s, mainly in the USA, but proved unpopular due to its high risk of severe side effects (several deaths were reported) and relative lack of positive euphoria.


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* [http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/index.cfm?fuseaction=public.Content&nNodeID=431 EMCDDA Report (1999) on the risk assessment of 4-MTA in the framework of the joint action on new synthetic drugs]
* [http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/4mta/4mta.shtml Erowid 4-MTA vault (Accessed 10/1/06)]
* [http://ecstasy.org/info/4-MTA.html Ecstasy.org: 4-MTA - info on possible dangers (Accessed 10/1/06)]
* [http://www.mdma.net/4-mta/mta.html Abstract: "Para-methylthioamphetamine, A New Designer Drug of Abuse" (Accessed 10/1/06)]

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