List of political parties in France

List of political parties in France

Political parties in France lists political parties in France.

France has a multi-party system, with numerous parties in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. Since the 1980s, France's government has alternated between two rather stable coalitions:
* on the left, one led by the French Socialist Party and with minor members such as the French Communist Party (and also "Les Verts" and the Left Radical Party).
* on the right, one led by the Union for a Popular Movement and its predecessors Union for a Presidential Majority and Rally for the Republic, with the minor partner the Union for French Democracy.It is difficult for parties outside those coalitions to make significant inroads, though the far-right National Front has had sizable successes.

Political parties and leaders in Metropolitan France

Nationwide parties

In the "remarks" column: "minor" indicates a party that makes less than 3% in national elections; "significant minor" indicates that the party gains more than 3% in national elections or wins a substantive number of seats (20+) in the National Assembly, but does not have a reasonable chance of leading a national government; "major" indicates a party that does have a reasonable chance of leading a national government; "one-person" indicates a party that has only one leading and commanding personality.

Name in EnglishNameAcronymLeader or ChairmanRemarksPolitical Position
Revolutionary Communist League"Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire"LCROlivier Besancenotsignificant minorluxemburgism, trotskyist
Workers' Struggle"Lutte Ouvrière"LOArlette Laguiller, spokeswomanminortrotskyist
Socialist Party"Parti Socialiste"PSFrançois Hollandemajorsocial democracy, socialism
Radical Party of the Left"Parti Radical de Gauche"PRGJean-Michel Bayletminor; previously "Parti Radical Socialiste", Radical Socialist Party or "PRS", "Mouvement des Radicaux de Gauche", Left Radical Movement or "MRG", "Radical"left radicalism, social liberalism
French Communist Party"Parti Communiste Français"PCFMarie-George Buffetsignificant minor, in decline since the 1980s, it now polls around 4%eurocommunism and communism, democratic socialism
Citizen and Republican Movement"Mouvement républicain et citoyen"MRCJean-Pierre Chevènementminorleft-wing nationalism, socialism, republicanism
The Greens"Les Verts" VECCécile Duflotsignificant minor, the largest French green-ecologist party of the leftgreen politics, social democracy
Democratic Movement"Mouvement Démocrate"MoDemFrançois Bayrousignificant minor, former UDF created by Bayrou after his relative success in the 2007 presidential ballot to contest the legislative election of June 2007social liberalism, liberalism, centrism
New Center"Nouveau Centre"PSLE or NCHervé Morinsignificant minor; formed by 80% of former UDF assembly members in May 2007 following the creation of the independent Democratic Movement. These assembly members wished to remain in the presidential majority with UMPliberalism, Christian democracy
Union for a Popular MovementUnion pour un Mouvement PopulaireUMPPatrick Devedjian (acting)major; As of 2007, the president (Nicolas Sarkozy), the prime minister (François Fillon) and the speakers of both houses of parliament are from UMP.conservatism, liberal-conservatism, also libertarianism and nationalism
National Center of Independents and Peasants"Centre National des Indépendants et Paysans"CNI, CNIPAnnick du Roscoätminor, associated with UMPConservatism
Radical Party"Parti Radical"RADJean-Louis Borloo and André Rossinot minor, associated with UMP, with some members in governmentFull historical name: "Parti Radical Républicain et Radical Socialiste" - Radical-Republican and Radical-Socialist Partysocial liberalism, liberalism
National Front"Front National"FNJean-Marie Le Pensignificant minor, suffering a decline in recent years; personaliststrong law enforcement, anti-immigration, eurosceptic
National Republican Movement"Mouvement National Républicain"MNRBruno Mégretminor, personalist. Split off the National Frontstrong law enforcement, anti-immigration, eurosceptic
Movement for France"Mouvement pour la France"MPFPhilippe de Villiersminorstrong law enforcement, anti-immigration, anti-islamicization, eurosceptic, traditionalist
Rally for France and European Independence"Rassemblement pour la France et l'Indépendance de l'Europe"RPFCharles Pasquaminor, one-personeurosceptic
Hunt, Fish, Nature, Traditions"Chasse, Pêche, Nature, Traditions"CPNTFrédéric Nihousminor, mostly in European and local electionstraditional rural values; refusal of environmental legislation and regulations restricting the right to hunt and fish, conservatism
Liberal Alternative"Alternative Liberale"ALSabine Heroldminor new libertarian-liberal party, in local and general electionslibertarianism; classical liberalism; self-ownership
Former Parties of Note
Rally for the Republic"Rassemblement pour la République"RPRMichelle Alliot-Mariemajor; merged into UMPconservatism
Liberal Democracy"Démocratie Libérale"DLAlain Madelinminor; originally "Parti Républicain" - Republican Party or PR; merged into UMPliberal conservatism, conservative liberalism
French Section of the Workers' International"Section Française de l'Internationale Ouvrière"SFIOGuy Molletmajor; disbanded after creation of the Parti Socialiste. Major party of the third and fourth republicssocialism

Minor parties


*Royal Alliance ("Alliance Royale"), led by Yves-Marie Adeline
*Nouvelle Action Royaliste, led by Bertrand Renouvin, called sometimes 'royalists of the left' (Renouvin supported Mitterrand in the 1981 and 1988 elections)
*Democratic rally ("Rassemblement démocrate"), moderate-centrist royalists
*Action Française, which is more a movement than a party. It is one of the most ancient political movement in France, and it was taken for the most subversive political organisation of the first half of the XXth century. Many far right politicians, such as Jean-Marie Le Pen or Philippe de Villiers are inspired by the ideas of the Action Française's founder, Charles Maurras.
* [ La Restauration Nationale] .


*Workers Communist Party of France (PCOF), Marxist-Leninist
*Workers' Party ("Parti des Travailleurs" or "PT"), (trotskyist)
*Pole of Communist Rebirth in France ("Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France"), led by Léon Landini


* Ecology Generation ("Génération Écologie", or GE), led by Brice Lalonde
* Independent Ecological Movement ("Mouvement Écologiste Indépendant" or MEI), led by Antoine Waechter
* Citizenship, Action, Participation for the XXIst Century (Citoyenneté Action Participation pour le XXIe siècle, CAP21), led by Corinne Lepage


*Union of Radical Republicans, which participated to the creation of François Bayrou's MoDem.


* Liberal Democratic Party ("Parti libéral démocrate")

Christian Values

* Christian Republican Party ("Parti Républicain Chrétien") (based on biblical values: love, honesty,...)

Other mainland (and Corsican) parties

(with past or present representation in at least a regional council)

*Abertzaleen Batasuna (Basque Country, nationalist separatist)(largest Basque nationalist party of the Northern Basque Country)
*Alsace d'abord (Alsace, far-right regionalist)(had 3 seats in the Alsace regional council in 1998)
*Ligue savoisienne (Savoie, liberal separatist)(had 1 seat in the Rhône-Alpes regional council in 1998)
*Union Démocratique Bretonne (Brittany, left-wing regionalist)(member of the present left-wing governing coalition in the Britanny region with PS and Les Verts)
*Unione Naziunale (Corsica, nationalist separatist)(8 seats int the present territorial assembly)
* Auvergne Defence

Political parties in French overseas possessions

"Note:" Many of the parties in French oversea possessions have strong ties to counterparts in Metropolitan France.

Overseas departemental parties represented in the National Assembly

"This list is incomplete."
*Guadeloupe unie, socialisme et réalités (Guadeloupe: "Guadeloupe unie, socialisme et réalités")
*Martinican Progressive Party (Martinique: "Parti Progressiste Martiniquais")
*Martinican Independence Movement (Martinique: "Mouvement Indépendantiste Martiniquais")
*Walwari (French Guiana: "Walwari")
*Guianese Socialist Party (French Guiana: "Parti socialiste guyanais", or PSG)
*Communist Party of Réunion (Reunion: "Parti communiste réunionnais", or PCR)
*Tahoera'a Huiraatira (French Polynesia, close to UMP)
*Mahoré Departementalist Movement (Mayotte, "Mouvement départementaliste mahorais", or MDM)


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