The Blue Racer

The Blue Racer

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"The Blue Racer" is a series of theatrical cartoons produced from 1972 to 1974.


The cartoons are directed by Art Davis, Gerry Chiniquy, Sid Marcus, Bob McKimson, David Deneen, Bob Balser, Cullen Houghtaling and produced by David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng. It is unknown if the cartoon will get a DVD release from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and 20th Century Fox.


A blue snake named Blue Racer (Larry D. Mann impersonating Paul Lynde) tries unsuccessfully to catch a stereotypically-Japanese beetle (voiced by Tom Holland), who is a black belt in karate. Both characters spun-off from "Tijuana Toads" in "Hop and Chop" (the Japanese beetle) and "Snake in the Gracias" (the Blue Racer). The goofy bird from the Tijuana Toads (Crazylegs Crane, who also repeatedly failed to collar the Racer and Toads himself) also later appeared in the series as well. 17 cartoons were produced.


* Bob Holt voiced both the Blue Racer and the Japanese Beetle in the 1972 short "Support Your Local Serpent".
* In the 1973 shorts the Japanese Beetle was no longer featured in the series making the 1972 short "Blue Racer Blues" his last appearance.
* Since July 2005, Boomerang has aired every Blue Racer cartoon at least once.


* "Hiss and Hers" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "Nippon Tuck" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "Support Your Local Serpent" ("Art Davis")
* "Punch and Judo" ("Art Davis")
* "Love and Hisses" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "Camera Bug" ("Art Davis")
* "Yokohama Mama" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "Blue Racer Blues" ("Art Davis")

* "The Boa Friend" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "Wham and Eggs" ("Art Davis")
* "Blue Aces Wild" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "Killarney Blarney" ("Gerry Chiniquy")
* "The Fowl Play" ("Bob McKimson")
* "Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow" ("Sid Marcus")
* "Aches and Snakes" ("David Deneen")
* "Snake Preview" ("Cullen Houghtaling")

* "Little Boa Peep" ("Bob Balser")


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