List of Universities with Soil Science Curriculum

This is a comprehensive list of universities and learning institutions which maintain soil science curriculum.=North America=



* [ Plant and Soil Science Department] , Alabama A&M University
* [ Agronomy and Soils] , Auburn University
* [ College of Agricultural, Environmental, and Natural Sciences] , Tuskegee University


* [ Soil, Water and Environmental Science] , University of Arizona


* [ Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences] , University of Arkansas


* Plant Sciences Department, California State University, Fresnocite web | title = California Universities with Soil Science Courses | publisher = Professional Soil Scientists Association of California | url = |format = HTML | accessdate = 2008-07-16]
* College of Agriculture, California State University, Chico
* College of Agriculture, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona,
* [ Earth and Soil Sciences Department] , California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
* [ Rangeland Resources & Wildland Soils Department] , Humboldt State University
* Agriculture and Technology Department, Reedley College,
* [ Ecosystem Sciences Division - Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Department] , University of California, Berkeley
* [ Soils and Biogeochemistry Departments] , University of California, Davis:* [ Soil and Water Science - Undergraduate Studies] :* [ Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group]
* [ Department of Environmental Sciences - Soil and Water Sciences] , University of California, Riverside


* [ Soil and Crop Sciences Department] , Colorado State University


* [ Soil Science] , University of Connecticut


* [ Department of Plant and Soil Sciences] , University of Delaware


* [ Soil and Water Science Department] , University of Florida
* [ Agronomy Program] , Florida A & M University


* [ Crop and Soil Sciences] , University of Georgia
* [ Plant and Environmental Soil Sciences] , Fort Valley State University


* [ Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences] , University of Hawaii


* [ Soil Sciences] , University of Idaho


* [ Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Department] Soil and Water Concentration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
* [ Geography Department] , Northern Illinois University


* [ Purdue Agronomy: Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences] , Purdue University


* [ Agronomy Course List] , Iowa State University


* [ Agronomy Course List] , Kansas State University


* [ Plant and Soil Science] , University of Kentucky


* [ Crops, Soils, and Environment] , Louisiana State University


* [ Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences] , University of Maine


* [ Department of Plant, Soil & Insect Sciences] , University of Massachusetts, Amherst


* [ Department of Crop and Soil Sciences] , Michigan State University


* [ Department of Soil, Water, and Climate] , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


* [ Department of Plant and Soil Sciences] , Mississippi State University
* [ Soil and Plant Science (Agronomy)] , Alcorn State University


* [ Soil Science] , University of Missouri


* [ Land Rehabilitation] , Montana State University

New York

* [ Department of Crop and Soil Sciences] , Cornell University

North Carolina

* [ Department of Soil Science] , North Carolina State University

North Dakota

* [ Department of Soil Science] , North Dakota State University


* [ School of Natural Resources] , Ohio State University


* [ Department of Plant and Soil Sciences] Dead link|date=July 2008, Oklahoma State University


* [ Crop and Soil Science Department] , Oregon State University


* [ Department of Crop and Soil Sciences] , Pennsylvania State University
* [ Soil Information for Environmental Modeling and Ecosystem Management] , Pennsylvania State University
* [ Agronomy and Environmental Science] , Delaware Valley College
* [ Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (Geology and Soil Science)] , Wilkes University

Rhode Island

* [ Department of Natural Resources Science] , University of Rhode Island

outh Carolina

* [ College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences] , Clemson University

outh Dakota

* [ Plant Science Department] , South Dakota State University


* [ College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources] , University of Tennessee


* [ Department of Soil and Crop Sciences] , Texas A&M University
* [ Department of Plant and Soil Sciences] , Texas Tech University
* [ Soils] , Tarleton State University


* [ Plants, Soils, and Biometeorology] , Utah State University


* [ Plant and Soil Science Department] , The University of Vermont


* [ Department of Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences] , Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
* [ Plant, Soil & Environmental Science] , Virginia State University


* [ College of Forest Resources] , University of Washington
* [ Department of Crop & Soil Sciences] , Washington State University

West Virginia

* [ Plant & Soil Sciences] , West Virginia University


* [ Department of Soil Science] , University of Wisconsin-MadisonEstablished 1898 as a Department of Agricultural Physics with Franklin Hiram King as its first professor, with many distinguished alumni worldwide, there are 20 sitting faculty members (2006) representing the broadest spectrum of soil science. Degrees offered include undergraduate (Bachelors of Sciences, Natural Resources, Agriculture, or Business), MSc, and PhD. Intra-institutional affiliations include the Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, and Environmental Chemistry and Technology.
* [ School of Agriculture - Soil and Crop Sciences] , University of Wisconsin-Platteville
* [ Plant and Earth Science] , University of Wisconsin-River Falls
* [ College of Natural Resources] , University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


* [ Department of Renewable Resources - Soil Science] , University of Wyoming



* [ Department of Soil Science] , University of Saskatchewan



* [ Department of Plant and Soil Science] , University of Aberdeen
* [ Department of Soil Science] , University of Reading


* [ Soil Science Centre, Wageningen UR ]

=Middle East=


* [ Department of Soil and Water Sciences] , Hebrew University of Jerusalem

audi Arabia
*Faculty of Earth Sciences - King Abdulaziz University
*King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals



* [ School of Land, Crop and Food Sciences] , The University of Queensland

=South America=


* [ Department of Soils] , Universidade Federal de Viçosa pt icon

= References =

Further reading

* [ Histories of Academic Soil Science Departments]
* [ USDA-NRCS List of Partner Universities]

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