3 City Districts of Pakistan

City Districts of Pakistan

A City District in Pakistan is a district that consists primarily or entirely of a major city or large metropolitan area. While there are 117 Districts, there are only ten City Districts. A city district may contain subdivisions called Towns and Union Councils.


Administrative structure

The three-tier system of government in Karachi exemplifies the administrative structure of a City District:

The Karachi City District is a three-tiered system comprising the City District Government (CDG), the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) and the Union Administration (UA). When setting up the City District Government and TMA, effort was made to enable the following, where technical factors allowed: the principle of subsidiarity to be followed in determining which planning and municipal services/functions are assigned to the City District Government and which ones to TMA. [2]

List of City Districts

The five original City Districts

The Federal capital and four provincial capitals were the five original City Districts.

Non-capital City Districts

More recently, the large metropolitan cities have also been restructured into the City District status including:


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