Baldwin, Hoar & Sherman family

Baldwin, Hoar & Sherman family

The Baldwin, Evarts, Hoar & Sherman family is a large political family of the United States spanning the country's history.

*Roger Sherman (1721-1793)
*John Adams
*John Quincy Adams
*William Tecumseh Sherman
*Susan B. Anthony
*William Maxwell Evarts
*Roger Sherman Baldwin
*George Frisbie Hoar
*John Sherman
*Oliver Phelps
*James S. Sherman

*Roger Sherman (1721-1793) Judge, Superior Court Connecticut, 1766-89; Delegate, Continental Congress, Connecticut, 1774-81, 1783-84; Signer, Declaration of Independence, 1776; Signer, Articles of Confederation, 1777; Treasurer, Yale College, 1765-1776; Mayor, New Haven, Connecticut, 1784-93; Member, U.S. Constitutional Convention, 1787; U.S. Representative, Connecticut at-large, 1789-91; U.S. Senator, Connecticut, 1791-93; "(Sherman was the only American citizen to sign all of the major founding documents of the United States of America)". Father of fifteen children, father-in-law to Samuel Hoar, Simeon Baldwin, Jeremiah Day, and Jeremiah Evarts, and the grandfather of Roger Sherman Baldwin, George Frisbie Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, Sherman Day, Andrew Taylor Sherman and William M. Evarts.
**William Sherman (1751-1789), Yale College, 1770; married Sarah Law in November 1773. He was the son of Roger Sherman and Sarah was the granddaughter of Connecticut Governor and Superior Court Chief Justice Jonathan Law; he later married Abigail Arnold. Abigail was the granddaughter of Rhode Island Governor Benedict Arnold and the niece of Benedict Arnold V.
*Oliver Phelps, (1749-1809) Member, New York state legislature; U.S. Representative, New York 17th District, 1803-05. William Sherman's only daughter Betsy Law Sherman married Oliver's son Oliver Leister Phelps. See:" Phelps and Gorham Purchase."
**Roger Sherman, Jr. (1768-1856), Graduated from Yale College, 1787; member, Connecticut General Assembly, 1810-1811. He was the son of Roger Sherman.
**Roger Minott Sherman (1773-1844), member, Connecticut Governor's Council, 1814-1818; member, Connecticut General Assembly 1825 and 1838; Judge, Connecticut Superior Court, 1839-42. Nephew of Roger Sherman.
***Robbins Battell, (1822), member, Connecticut state senate - 17th District, 1865; defeated, 1867; Connecticut state comptroller, 1866-67. He was the great-grandson of Roger Sherman's sister Methitable Wellington (Sherman) Battell.
****Joseph Battell (1839-1915), member, Vermont State Legislature eight times, seven in the House and once in the senate. He was the great-great grandson of Roger Sherman's sister Methitable Wellington (Sherman) Battell, and the son of Philip and Emma Hart (Seymour) Battell. Emma was the daughter of Vermont US Senator Horatio Seymour. He donated the funding for the Battell Chapel and music department at Yale University.
*****John Wolcott Stewart (1825-1915), delegate, Republican National Convention, Vermont, 1860; Governor of Vermont, 1870-72; U.S. Representative from Vermont, 1st District, 1883-91; U.S. Senator from Vermont, 1908. He married Emma Seymour Battell, the daughter of Philip and Emma Hart (Seymour) Battell, and the granddaughter of Vermont US Senator Horatio Seymour.
**Jeremiah Day, (1773-1867), Headmaster, Greenfield School, 1793; tutor, Williams College, 1795-1798, Professor, mathematics & natural philosophy, Yale College, 1801-1817. President, Yale University, 1817-1846, Degree of LL.D. from Middlebury College, 1818; the degree of D.D. from Union College, 1821 and one from Harvard University, 1831. He married Martha Sherman, daughter of Roger Sherman. He was the brother-in-law of Simeon Baldwin, Samuel Hoar, Jeremiah Evarts and others.
***Sherman Day, (1806-1884), member, California State Senate, 1855-56; United States Surveyor General, California, 1868-71; founding university trustee and professor of Mine Construction and Surveying, University of California.
***Thomas Anthony Thacher, (1815-1886), Yale College, 1838; assistant professor of Latin and Greek Languages, 1842-1845; assistant professor of Latin Language and Literature, 1845-1851, professor of Latin Language and Literature, 1851-1886; member, Connecticut State Board of Education, 1865-1877. He married Elizabeth Day, the daughter of President Jeremiah Day and later her first cousin Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman; both were granddaughters of Roger Sherman.
****William Kent (U.S. Congressman), (1864-1928), Yale College, 1887; member, Skull & Bones; member, Chicago city council; president, Municipal Voter's League of Chicago; member, US House of Representative, 1911-1917; member, United States Tariff Commission (now known as the United States International Trade Commission), 1917-1920. He also spearheaded the movement to create the Muir Woods National Monument, by donating the land to U.S. Government. He married Elizabeth Thacher, daughter of Yale professor & administrator Thomas Anthony Thacher.
*****Roger Kent, (1906-1980), Yale University, 1928; member, Skull & Bones; general counsel, U.S. Department of Defense; Co-chairman, Lyndon Baines Johnson's 1964 U.S. Presidential campaign. Son of William Kent (U.S. Congressman).
*****Thomas D. Thacher, (1881-1950), Judge, New York State Court Appeals, 1943-48; Corporate Counsel, City of New York, 1943; United States Solictor General, 1930-33; Judge, United States District Court Southern District of New York, 1925-30; w/Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett, 1906-07, 1919-24, 1933-43; Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York, 1907-08; Chairman, New York City Charter Commission; Fellow, Yale Corporation, 1931-1949; President, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1933-1935; Major, Secretary, American Red Cross Mission to Russia 7/1917-3/1918. He was the grandson of Thomas Anthony Thacher, and his father Thomas Thacher was a founding partner of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett.
****Charles Seymour, (1885-1963), President Emeritus 50-63, President 37-50, Provost 28-37, Master Berkeley College (Yale) 33-37, Professor 18-37, Instructor 11-17. History, Yale University; Trustee, Carnegie Foundation, Archaeological Institute; Curator Edward M. House Collection, Yale University; 18-19, American Committee to Negotiate Peace; US Delegate, 1919, Czechoslovak and Romanian Committee (Paris, France); Chairman 43-45, Post War Planning Committee; US Department of State World War I. He was the great nephew of Yale President Jeremiah Day.
**Simeon Baldwin, (1761-1851) preceptor, Albany Academy, 1782; tutor, 1783-1786, New Haven City Clerk, 1789-1800, Clerk, District and Circuit Courts, United States for the District of Connecticut, 1790-1803; United States Congressman, 1803-1806; Associate Judge, Connecticut Superior Court, 1806-1817; Commissioner, Farmington Canal, 1820-1830; Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut, 1826. Married Roger Sherman's daughter Rebecca Sherman, and her sister Elizabeth (Sherman) Burr after Rebecca's death. Father of Roger Sherman Baldwin, Uncle of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, George Frisbie Hoar, Sherman Day and William M. Evarts; grandfather of Simeon Eben Baldwin.
***Roger Sherman Baldwin, (1793-1863), Yale College, 1811; member, Connecticut state senate, 4th District, 1837-38; member, Connecticut state house of representatives, 1840; Governor, Connecticut, 1844-46; U.S. Senator, Connecticut, 1847-51. Successfully defended the "Amistad Captives", Connecticut Circuit Court 1839, US District Court 1840 and with co-council of former US President John Quincy Adams, U.S. Supreme Court, 1841. Delegate, Peace Conference of 1861. Married Emily Pitkin Perkins; and was the grandson of Roger Sherman; son of Simeon Baldwin; father of Simeon Eben Baldwin, the grandfather of Edward Baldwin Whitney and the great-grandfather of famed Princeton University professor Hassler Whitney.
**Timothy Pitkin, (1766-1847), member, Connecticut State Legislature, 1790-92, and 1794‑1805; clerk, Connecticut State Legislature, 1800‑1802; speaker, Connecticut State Legislature, 1803‑1805. He was the maternal uncle of Roger Sherman Baldwin's wife Emily Pitkin Perkins.
****Simeon Eben Baldwin, (1840-1927) Yale College, 1861, Skull & Bones, Yale professor of law, 1872-1919; Published, Baldwin's "Connecticut Digest"; (research tool for Connecticut attorneys); Chief Legal Counsel, New York and New England Railroad; founder, American Bar Association; Judge, Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors, 1893-1910; Chief Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors, 1907-1910; Governor, Connecticut, 1910-14. Son of Roger Sherman Baldwin and the grandson of Simeon Baldwin.
****Dwight Foster MA, (1828-1884), Yale College 1848, Skull & Bones, Massachusetts state attorney general, 1861-64; justice of Massachusetts state supreme court, 1866-69. He married Henrietta Perkins Baldwin, the daughter of Roger Sherman Baldwin.
*****Edward Baldwin Whitney, (1857-1911) Assistant United States Attorney General, 1893-97; justice, New York State Supreme Court 1909-1911. A grandson of Roger Sherman Baldwin, the son of Yale Professor William Dwight Whitney & Elizabeth Wooster Baldwin and the father of Professor Hassler Whitney.
****Henry de Forest Baldwin, (1862-1947) President, Queens County Water Company, 1908-25; Chairman, New York City Charter Committee, 1922-23; partner, Lord Day & Lord in 1900; Assistant Corporate Counsel, City of New York, 1895-98; member, Council on Foreign Relations. Son of Simeon Baldwin, III; and the nephew of Roger Sherman Baldwin.
*Leonard Hoar (1630-1675) 3rd President, Harvard College, 1672-75. Leonard Hoar's sister Joanna Hoar married Colonel Edmund Quincy, he was the father of Daniel Quincy, grandfather of John Quincy and the great-great grandfather of Elizabeth Quincy. Elizabeth Quincy married Rev. William Smith and they were the parents of Abigail Quincy Smith (1744 - 1818), who married in 1764 John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States of America; the parents of John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States of America. Hoar is buried in the Adams family burial plot in the Hancock Family Cemetery, in Braintree, Massachusetts.
**Samuel Hoar, (1778-1856) Delegate, Massachusetts State Constitutional Convention, 1820; member, Massachusetts Senate, U.S. Representative, Massachusetts, member, Massachusetts state house of representatives. He married Roger Sherman's daughter Sarah Sherman, father of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar and George Frisbie Hoar, and the grandfather of Rockwood Hoar and Sherman Hoar.
***Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, (1816-1895) Judge, Massachusetts court of common pleas, 1849-55; delegate, Republican National Convention, Massachusetts, 1856; Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Court 1859-69; US Attorney General, 1869-1870. President Grant nominated him to the US Supreme Court; member, Joint High Commission, Treaty of Washington, 1871; U.S. Representative, Massachusetts 7th District, 1873-75; Son of Samuel Hoar, brother of George Frisbie Hoar, father of Sherman Hoar and uncle of Rockwood Hoar.
****Sherman Hoar, (1860-1898) Member, U.S. Representative, Massachusetts - 5th District, 1891-93; U.S. District Attorney, Massachusetts, 1893-97. Son of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar; nephew of George Frisbie Hoar.
*****Roger Sherman Hoar, (1887-1963), author, former Massachusetts state senator and assistant Attorney General; member, Commission to Compile Information & Data, 1917; organizer, and a major force behind the legislation for the enactment of Unemployment Benefits. He was the son of Sherman Hoar and the grandson of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar.
***George Frisbie Hoar, (1826-1904), Member, Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1852, Massachusetts state senate, 1857, US Senator, Massachusetts, 1869-77; (8th District 1869-73, 9th District 1873-77); reelected 1883; Delegate, Republican National Convention 1876, 1880 and 1884; manager, Congressional Impeachment Investigation, of William W. Belknap, 1876; member, Board of Overseers, Harvard University, 1874-80; Regent, Smithsonian Institution, 1880; President, American Antiquarian Society, 1887; Trustee, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Son of Samuel Hoar; brother of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar; father of Rockwood Hoar and the uncle of Sherman Hoar.
****Rockwood Hoar, (1855-1906) Member, U.S. Representative, Massachusetts - 3rd District, 1905-06; Son of George Frisbie Hoar, grandson of Samuel Hoar, nephew of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar and the grandson of Samuel Hoar.
** John Skinner (1765-1850), physician; sheriff, New Haven, Connecticut, 1809; president, New Haven Hospital; treasurer, Rimmon Falls Turnpike Commission. Married Roger Sherman's daughter Chloe.
*** Roger Sherman Skinner (1795-1838), lawyer; clerk, New Haven city and county courts, 1820.
****Timothy Dwight V (1828 - 1916), President Emeritus, 1899-1916; President, 1886-99; Acting Treasurer, 1886-88; professor, Sacred Literature, 1858-86; Yale University; Editor, New Englander, 1866-74; Editor, Translator, 1874-84, American Committee Revison of New Testament. Changed the name of Yale College to Yale University; He was the nephew of Yale President Theodore Dwight Woolsey, great nephew of Princeton College President Jonathan Edwards and the grandson of Yale President Timothy Dwight IV. He married Jane Wakeman Skinner, daughter of Roger Sherman Skinner and the great-granddaughter of Roger Sherman.
**Jeremiah F. Evarts, (1781-1831) Author, editor, and activist against the Indian Removal Act of 1830; corresponding secretary, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.
***William Maxwell Evarts, (1818-1901), Assistant district attorney, United States, 1849-1853; United States Attorney General, 1868-1869; Chief Counsel, US President Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment trial, 1868; Chief Counsel, US President Rutherford B. Hayes, Electoral Commission, 1876; US Secretary of State, 1877-1881; United States Senate, New York, 1885-91; Son of Jeremiah Evarts, grandson of Roger Sherman, and great-grandfather of Archibald Cox.
****Maxwell Evarts, (1862-1913), Yale College, 1884; member, Skull and Bones; District Attorney, New York City; General Counsel for E. H. Harriman, later the Union Pacific Railroad; member, Vermont House of Representatives, 1906; president, Vermont State Fair Association; president, Vermont Fish and Game League. Son of William Maxwell Evarts.
****Roger Sherman Greene, (1840-1920) Supreme Court Justice, Washington Territorial Court, 1870. Unsuccessful Prohibition Party candidate, US Congress; Governor, Washington. He was the son of the Rev. Daniel Greene and Mary Evarts "(William Maxwell Evarts sister.)"
*****Roger Sherman Greene II, (1881-1946) U.S. Vice Consul, Rio de Janeiro, 1903-04; Nagasaki, 1904-05; Kobe, 1905; U.S. Consul in Vladivostok, 1907; Harbin, 1909-11; U.S. Consul General in Hankow, 1911-14; Trustee, Rockefeller Foundation; founding member, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Son of Reverend Daniel Crosby Greene and Mary Jone Forbes Greene. "(The Roger Sherman Greene above is his maternal uncle)"
*****Jerome Davis Greene, (1874-1959) Secretary, Harvard Corporation, Harvard University, 1905-1910 & 1934-1943; general manager, American Medicine Institute; Joint Secretary, Reparations Committee, Paris Peace Conference, 1919; Secretary & Trustee, Rockefeller Foundation, 1913-17 & 1928-1939; Chairman, American Council Institute, Pacific Relations, 1929-32; Trustee, Brookings Institute, Washington, 1928-1945; founding member, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Son of Reverend Daniel Crosby Greene and Mary Jone Forbes Greene, and he married May Tevis "(The Roger Sherman Greene above is his brother.)"
******Henry Sherman Boutell, Illinois House of Representatives, 1884; member, U.S. Representative from Illinois, 1897-1911 (6th District 1897-1903, 9th District 1903-11); delegate, Republican National Convention from Illinois, 1908; U.S. Minister, Switzerland, 1911-13. He was the grandson of the Rev. Daniel Greene and Mary Evarts "(William Maxwell Evarts sister.)"
******Archibald Cox, (1912-2004) Professor, Harvard University; Member, National Defense Board, (then to the Office of US Solicitor General), 1961; adviser & speech-writer, then US Senator John F. Kennedy, Solicitor General, Kennedy administration; remembered for his uncompromising defense of the law against a President Richard M. Nixon during his Presidential impeachment trial. Cox's great-grandfather was "William Maxwell Evarts (see above)"
****Roger Nash Baldwin, (1885-1981) Founder, National Civil Liberties Bureau (NCLB), as a means of supporting other anti-war activists, 1918; Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for thirty years; received Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1981.
***Charles Robert Sherman, (1788-1829) Justice, Ohio State Supreme Court, 1823-29. Father of US Judge Charles Taylor Sherman, General William Tecumseh Sherman, Major Hoyt Sherman and US Senator John Sherman.
****Charles Taylor Sherman (1811-1879), Judge, United States Court, Northern District, Ohio, 1867-1872; Government Director, Pacific Railroad, 1873-75. He was the older brother of William T., John and Hoyt Sherman; and the father of James Donald Cameron’s wife Elizabeth (Sherman) Cameron.
*****James Donald Cameron, (1833-1918) Banker; manufacturer; President, Northern Central Railway, 1863-74; delegate, Republican National Convention Pennsylvania, 1868 & 1880; U.S. Secretary of War, 1876-77; U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania, 1877-97; Chairman, Republican National Committee, 1879-80. Son of Simon Cameron; nephew by marriage of General William Tecumseh Sherman; married to Mary McCormick (died 1874); and then married Elizabeth Sherman in 1878.
****Simon Cameron, (1799-1889) U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania, 1845-49, 1857-61, 1867-77; resigned 1861, 1877; candidate, Republican nomination for US President, 1860; U.S. Secretary of War, 1861-62; U.S. Minister to Russia, 1862. Member of the Freemasons. Father of James Donald Cameron, and father-in-law of Elizabeth (Sherman) Cameron.
****General William Tecumseh Sherman, (1820-1891) Major General, Union Army, Civil War; U.S. Secretary of War, 1869; member, Loyal Legion. In 1864, he led Union troops who attacked and then burned down the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Commander-in-chief, United States military, after the inauguration of President Ulysses S. Grant. Son of Charles Robert Sherman; adoptive son of Thomas Ewing, biological brother of Senator John Sherman; uncle by marriage of James Donald Cameron "(former Secretary of War 1876-77 & President of the Northern Central Railway)"and Lieutenant General Nelson Appleton Miles.
*****Thomas Ewing Sherman (1856-1933) he was lawyer, educator, gifted orator and Catholic priest. He served as the personal assistant to the Union Major General Ulysses S. Grant.
****John Sherman, (1823-1900) Member, U.S. Representative from Ohio 13th District, 1855-61; U.S. Senator, Ohio, 1861-77; 1881-97; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1877-81; candidate, Republican nomination for President, 1880, 1884, 1888; U.S. Secretary of State, 1897-98. Son of Charles Robert Sherman; brother of General William Tecumseh Sherman; uncle by marriage of Nelson Appleton Miles.
****Major Hoyt Sherman, (1827-1904) US postmaster, Iowa; Clerk, District Court of Iowa; president, Hoyt Sherman & Co., "(a bakery)" in 1854; founder, Equitable of Iowa Insurance Company "(now at part of the Dutch financial firm ING)", 1867; member, Iowa House of the Eleventh General Assembly; Chairman, Railroad Committee, member, Ways and Means, 1866. Son of Charles Robert Sherman; brother of General William Tecumseh Sherman; uncle by marriage of James Donald Cameron and father-in-law of Nelson Appleton Miles.
*****Nelson Appleton Miles, (1839-1925) Major General, Union Army, Civil War; Medal of Honor, 1892; candidate, Democratic nomination for US President, 1904. Nephew by marriage of General William Tecumseh Sherman and Senator John Sherman; married 1868 to Mary Hoyt Sherman.
***Thomas Ewing, (1789-1871) U.S. Senator, Ohio, 1831-37, 1850-51; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1841; U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1849-50; The adoptive father of General William Tecumseh Sherman and biological father of Sherman's wife Ellen Boyle Ewing; as well as the father of Union Army Generals Thomas Ewing, Jr., General Charles Ewing and Hugh Boyle Ewing.
****Thomas Ewing, Jr., (1829-1896) Judge, Ohio State court, Ohio; delegate, Ohio state constitutional convention, Fairfield County, 1873; delegate, Democratic National Convention, Ohio, 1876; member, U.S. Representative, Ohio, 1877-81; and (12th District 1877-79, 10th District 1879-81). Son of Thomas Ewing and the brother of Union Army Generals General Charles Ewing and Hugh Boyle Ewing; and the foster brother of Major General William T. Sherman.
****Hugh Boyle Ewing, (1826-1905), Union Army General 1862-65; U.S. Minister to Holland, 1866-70. Son of Thomas Ewing and the brother of Union Army Generals General Charles Ewing and Thomas Ewing, Jr.; and the foster brother of Major General William T. Sherman.
****Lawrence Yates Sherman, (1858-1939) Judge, Illinois County, 1886-90; member, Illinois House of Representatives, 1897-1905; Speaker, Illinois State House of Representatives, 1899-1903; Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, 1905-09; delegate member, Republican National Convention, Illinois, 1912, 1920, 1924; U.S. Senator, Illinois, 1913-21; candidate, Republican nomination for US President, 1916; member, Republican National Committee, Illinois, 1916-24; delegate, Republican National Convention, Florida, 1928.
**Richard Updike Sherman, (1819-1895) Clerk, New York State Assembly, 1851-1857; member, New York Assemblyman, first Oneida County District, 1857; then again, 1875-1876; assistant clerk, United States House of Representatives, 1859-1870; Secretary, New York State Fish and Game Commission. Richard Upike Sherman, father of US Vice President James Schoolcraft Sherman.
***James Schoolcraft Sherman, (1855-1912) President, Utica Trust & Deposit Company; president, New Hartford Canning Company; Mayor, Utica, New York, 1884-86; member, U.S. Representative, New York, 1887-91, 1893-1909 "(23rd District 1887-91, 25th District 1893-1903, 27th District 1903-09)"; Vice President of the United States, 1909-12. Son of Richard U. Sherman.
*****John Sherman Cooper, (1901-1991) Member, Kentucky House of Representatives, 1928-30; County Judge, Kentucky, 1930-38; candidate, Governor of Kentucky, 1939; U.S. Senator, Kentucky, 1946-49, 1952-55, 1956-73; defeated, 1948, 1954; delegate, Republican National Convention, Kentucky, 1948, 956, 1960; delegate, United Nations, 1949; advisor, Secretary of State, London and Brussels meetings, Council of Ministers, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 1950; U.S. Ambassador, India, 1955-56; Nepal 1955-56, East Germany 1974-76; Member, Warren Commission "(Investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy)" 1963; Member, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR); Partner, at the firm of Covington & Burling in Washington DC; member, American Bar Association; American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Rotary; and Beta Theta Pi.
*****Walter Sherman Gifford, (1885-1966) U.S. Ambassador, United Kingdom, 1950-53; Former President, American Telephone & Telegraph Co. (AT&T).
*****Oscar Sherman Gifford, (1842-1913) Delegate, South Dakota State Constitutional Convention, 1883; District Attorney, Lincoln County, 1874; Mayor, Canton, 1881-1882; delegate, U.S. Congress, Dakota Territory, 1885-1889; member, U.S. Representative, South Dakota at-large, 1889-1891.
*****Henry Lewis Stimson, (1867-1950) U.S. Secretary of War under President William H. Taft; U.S. Secretary of State under Presidents Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman. Stimson married the great-granddaughter of Roger Sherman, Mabel Wellington White.
*****Elizabeth Selden Rogers, (1868-1950) Chairwoman, National Advisory Council, National Woman's Party. A sister of Mabel Wellington (White) Stimson. "(see above)"
****Susan B. Anthony, (1820-1906), Women's rights leader. Attended the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848; teamed with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Her great-great-grandfather was Daniel Sherman.
*** Dorothea Lynde Dix, (1802-1887) Lobbied almost every State's legislature for the funding to create more humane asylums for the insane. Superintendent of Nurses (female), Union Army, Civil War. Dix was descended from the Sherman family.
****Sherman Minton, (1890-1965) U.S. Senator, Indiana, 1935-41; defeated, 1940; delegate, Democratic National Convention, Indiana, 1940; administrative assistant, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt; Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, 1941-49; Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, 1949-56.
****William Sherman Jennings, 1863-1920, Judge, Hernando County, 1888; member, Florida state legislature, 1893; speaker of the house, 1895; president, Brooksville town council; chairman, Florida Democratic committee, 1898-1899; Governor, State of Florida, 1901-05.
****William Jennings Bryan, (1863-1925), member, U.S. Congressman, Nebraska, 1891; re-elected, 1893; ran for President of the United States, 1896; ran for president again, 1900; and a third time, but was defeated by President William H. Taft, 1908; "(became the only man in history to run for, and be nominated by one of the major parties, for presidential office three times without winning)"; appointed as Secretary of State under US President Woodrow Wilson, 1913-15; lead prosecuting attorney, State of Tennessee, "Scopes Monkey Trial","1915-25.
****Sherman Adams, (1899-1986), Member, New Hampshire state house of representatives, 1941-44; speaker, New Hampshire House of Representatives, 1943-44; delegate, Republican National Convention, New Hampshire, 1944, 1952; member, U.S. Representative, New Hampshire 2nd District, 1945-47; delegate, New Hampshire state constitutional convention, Lincoln, 1948; Governor, New Hampshire, 1949-53; defeated, 1946; Chief of Staff, US President Dwight Eisenhower, forced to resign 1953-58.
*****Chauncey Depew (1834-1928) Chairman, Vanderbilt railroad system; member, New York state assemblyman, 1862-63; Secretary of State, New York, 1864-65; U.S. Senate, New York, 1899, Depew is the great-grandson of Roger Sherman's brother Rev. Josiah Sherman.
******Ganson Goodyear Depew, (1895-1924), Assistant US District Attorney of Buffalo. Grandnephew of Chauncey Depew.
*******Alexander Buel Trowbridge III, (1929–2006), Member, President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives; National Committee on Social Security Reform, 1982; member, National Committee on Executives, Legislative and Judicial Salaries, 1985; National Committee on Public Services; member, Competitiveness Policy Council, 1991; President, NAM, Washington, 1980-90; board of directors, National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, 1978; Vice Chairman of the Board, Allied Chemical Corporation, 1976-80; President, The Conference Board, Inc., New York City, 1970-76; President, American Management Association, New York City, 1968-70; United States Secretary of Commerce, 1967-1968 in the administration of Lyndon Johnson; United States Marine Corp Reserves, 1951-53, Major Reserves. He was the son of American University Professor of Russian History Alexander Buel Trowbridge, Jr. and the grandson of Alexander Buel Trowbridge, dean of the Cornell University College of Architecture (1897-1902); his grandmother Gertrude Mary Sherman was the great-great-granddaughter of Roger Sherman.

NOTE: Henry Sherman, who lived in England in the 1500s, was the ancestor of most of the individuals in this article. His immigrating grandchildren and great-grandchildren included Edmund Sherman (ancestor of William T. Sherman), Philip Sherman (ancestor of James S. Sherman), John Sherman (ancestor of Roger Sherman), Mrs. Phebe Whiting Barnard, Mrs. Mary Angier Sparhawk, and Edmund Angier.

Both of the candidates in the 2004 US presidential election, George W. Bush and John Kerry, are descended from Henry Sherman, along with Bush's father, former president George H. W. Bush. Other US political figures descended from Henry Sherman include William Taft, Herbert Hoover, Aaron Burr, William Wheeler, and Elliot Richardson (the last of these descended twice from Henry Sherman). Foreign figures descended from Henry Sherman include Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, Sir Robert Laird Borden, and Sir Winston Churchill.


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