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Hampyeong County ("Hampyeong-gun") is a county in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. Hak-da-ri High School, a famous high school that produces many illustrious graduates, is located there. Notable alumni include Sojeong Kim.


Hampyeong was belong to Jinguk(진국) in the prehistoric age, and Mahan in the Samhan age. Mahan was consisted of 54 little counties, and it is estimated that one or two little counties were belong to Hampyeong County according to the evidence of dolmens in the area. [ [http://hampyeong.jeonnam.kr/eng_new/overview_h.htm :::::: Welcome to Hampyaong!! ::::::::: ] ]

Hampyeong was divided into two hyeon, Gulrae-hyeon and Daji-hyeon in the Baekje Kingdom(18 B.C ∼ 660 A.D.). Gulrea-hyeon was called Hampyeong-hyeon in the Shilla Kingdom and in the Koryeo Kingdom, and now it covers Hampyeong-eub, Sonbul-myeon, Singwang-myeon, and Dadong-myeon.

Long times later in the 9thyear of King, Taejong of Joseon Dynasty, Hampyeong-hyeon and Mopyeong-hyeon were called Hampyeong-hyeon, and consisted of 14myeons; Donghyeonrae-myeon,Suhyeonrae-myeon,Yongpung-myeon,Haejae-myeon, Dagyeong-myeon,Dadong-myeon,Sonbul-myeon,Singwang-myeon, pyeongreung-myeon, Sinji-myeon, Haebo-myeon, Wolak-myeon, Modong-myeon, Daeya-myeon. When unifying Hampung-hyeon and Mopyeong-hyeon, they made Hampyeong using Ham in Hampung and pyeong in Mopyeong.

In May 26, 1989, Hampyeong-hyeon changed its name to Hampyeong county. In November 11, 1932, Sikji-myeon and pyeongreung-myeon were annexed, and Nasan-myeon was made.In January 1, 1963 Hampyeong-myeon became Hampyeong-eub and it consisted of one eup and 8 myeons.

In July 1, 1973, Sang-ok, Wolsong, Geumgok, and Baekho were annexed into Dadong-myeon.


* County Flower : Crape myrtle
* County Tree : Ginkgo tree
* County Bird : Pigeon
* County Butterfly : Swallowtail butterfly [http://hampyeong.jeonnam.kr/ (Kor)]

Brand Slogan

Hampyeong has wide idea for development. Its slogan is ""ECO HAMPYEONG" which represents green color of its land and creativity. Also, it tries to consider lots of residents are farmers who are actually involving eco-friendly working in some senses.

Butterfly festival

Hampyeong is famous for its butterfly festival which is much creative festival different from other regions. County officially has upbrought tens of thousands of butterflies and other facilities like greenhouses for insects. Annually Hampyeong attracts more than 1 million people. [Official page http://hampyeong.jeonnam.kr/eng_new/attractions_c.htm] Considering its scale, the number of tourists are huge.

ister Cities

*flagicon|South Korea Seongdong-gu, South Korea


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* [http://www.hampyeong.jeonnam.kr/eng_new/ County government home page]

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