Song (disambiguation)

A song is a musical composition.

Song or songs may also refer to:

In music:
* An arrangement (music)
* A vocal performance (music)
* A recorded track (song)
* A bird song
* "Songs" (Admiral Freebee album), 2005
* "Songs" (Luther Vandross album), 1994
* "Songs" (Regina Spektor album), 2002
* "Songs" (Rich Mullins album), 1996
* Song #1, a song by Serebro and Russia's entry in the Eurovision 2007 Song Contest
* "Song", a song by Avail from their 1994 album "Dixie"
* "Song", an LP from the Classics IV, 1970
* Song 2, a song by Blur.
* Songs (band)
* Song, Theo Tams's first single.

In people:
* Song (surname) (宋, 崇), a Chinese surname
* Song (Korean name), a Korean family name
* Rigobert Song, a football (soccer) player from Cameroon
* Alexandre Song, a Cameroonian footballer and nephew of Rigobert Song
* Daewon Song, American professional skateboarder
* Brenda Song, a Disney Channel and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star

In transportation:
* Song (airline), a former low-fare airline in the United States
* Type 039 submarine NATO code name Song class, a diesel-electric submarine used by the People's Liberation Army Navy
* Song railway station in the Heilongjiang province, the only railway station in China with one-character name

In government and locations:
* Liu Song Dynasty, the first of the four Southern Dynasties in China, followed by the Southern Qi Dynasty
* Song Dynasty, a ruling dynasty in China from 960-1279
* Song (state), a state during the Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn Period
* Song, Nigeria, an area in Nigeria
* Song, Sarawak, the capital of the Song District in Malaysia
* Song County, in Henan, China

In other:
* "Song", a poem by English poet John Donne
* SONGS, the acronym for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
* Ming (typeface), a typeface that is known as "Song typeface" in China.
* Song of Solomon, a book of the Hebrew Bible

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