Assy McGee

Assy McGee

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show_name = Assy McGee

caption = Assy McGee, the show's titular character.
creator = Matt Harrigan
Carl W. Adams
format = Animated sitcom
runtime = 11 minutes approx.
starring = Larry Murphy
H. Jon Benjamin
country = USA
network = Adult Swim
first_aired = November 26, 2006
last_aired = present
num_seasons = 2
num_episodes = 20
list_episodes = List of Assy McGee episodes
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imdb_id = 0795065
tv_com_id = 67523

"Assy McGee" is an animated sitcom which takes place in a fictional version of Exeter, New Hampshire. The show features Assy McGee, a vigilante police officer who is literally a walking pair of buttocks. Larry Murphy voices all of the main characters. The series premiered on November 26, 2006, on Adult Swim.


The series revolves around the antics of Assy McGee, an ultra-violent and emotionally disturbed police detective who just happens to have no upper torso, head, or arms. Along with his partner, Detective Don Sanchez, Assy patrols the streets of Exeter, New Hampshire.


Assy McGee

Assy McGee is a walking, talking lower torso with an exposed buttocks. Horribly violent and clinically depressed, Assy is a parody of the 1970s/1980s movie cops as seen in such films as "Dirty Harry", "Lethal Weapon" and "Cobra": trigger-happy, tough, at times hopelessly depressed, and in conflict with his fellow officers as often as he is in conflict with crime. Assy has a slurred style of speech similar to Sylvester Stallone, though it is far more muffled, possibly due to his anatomy or inebriation (or both). He also quotes and mimics some of Stallone's most memorable characters, shouting Judge Dredd's catch phrase "I am the law!" in episode five "Mexican Rain" and reenacts the Rocky training scene in episode seven "Ring of Fire". Sometimes, when out of breath, or even just peeved, Assy will flatulate. Assy walks backwards, and even jumps backwards. Assy has stated that he is of Cuban descent. [,,12341,00.html] His Cuban heritage is backed up in the episode, "Conviction" when a childhood picture of Assy with a Cuba hat is shown in the background. We learn in the episode "Hands Up" (from season two) that Assy served in Vietnam, when a war flashback causes him to accidentally fire a bullet from an AK-47 into the abdomen of a World War Two veteran.

It is unclear whether Assy possesses genitalia, though it is strongly implied on a few occasions. He has been shown walking in profile with no visible genital protrusion or covering, but he requested a "happy ending" from a masseuse in the episode "The Flirty Black Man" and is perfectly capable of urinating in the canonical fashion. Additionally, Assy's "backside" has never been shown, hinting that genitalia do exist there that cannot be shown without censorship. It should also be noted that in the first episode, "Murder By the Docks" Assy requested a handjob at a masseuse' parlor as Sanchez was attacked by ninjas.

In the episode Vowel Play, it is implied that Assy has undersized genitals when he indicates that he can only give a school sex education teacher "four and half inches".

It is also unclear how he can pick up or handle anything as he has no hands. Items he is 'holding' simply float in front of him, much in the same manner as a few of the characters from the Flash-based cartoon, "Homestar Runner". In the episode "Murder on the Midway," Sanchez does not recognize Assy from behind, despite the fact that he is a diminutive walking derierre, insinuating that Assy looks like a regular person to the characters on the show.

In addition to his police duties, Assy owns a used car, hot tub, and driveway repair dealership off "Exit 19" in Exeter. He claims to have all the new Scion xBs in stock, as well as having a true price guarantee and an unwillingness to give cars to people without credit ("Bad credit? No credit? Sorry, that's your problem, asshole!") His slogan for the business is "Don't make me run your ass over!" Ads for Assy's Scion/Used Car dealership began to appear in Season 2 of the show and are the result of an exclusive sponsored placement of the Scion product. [ [ VIDEO: Scion Takes a Spin with ‘Assy’] ]

Detective Don Sanchez

Detective Sanchez is Assy's partner and a version of the good cop stereotype. He has a wife and three children and often finds himself playing (unsuccessfully) the voice of reason to Assy. Sanchez is a loyal partner towards Assy, often talking to Assy about a case in the middle of the night and is highly tolerant of Assy's antics no matter how much trouble they get him in. Although he is the hard-working force between himself and Assy, it is Sanchez who merely discovers clues that names suspects, whereas Assy ultimately finds the actual perpetrator in the show. Sanchez bears a strong physical and vocal resemblance to Latino actor Luis Guzmán. Sanchez is married to Brenda, who wants a divorce from him. It was revealed in the episode "Bikes for Bombs" that Rudolpho may not be his fact, it's revealed that Assy had sex with Brenda on their honeymoon and she gave him an STD ("Every day I take a leak, I'm sorry," Assy says). In two episodes of season two ("Johnny Arson" and "Squirrels") it's implied that Sanchez is a pyromaniac, having set a fire in one and standing staring at a fire in the latter episode.

Greg "The Chief"

Greg, almost always referred to as "The Chief", is the chief of the Exeter police department. He often argues with Assy over cases, yet is mesmerized when Assy is able to solve a case. In several episodes, the chief demands that Assy "hand over his badge and his gun in the morning" although this never seems to take place. Despite this, the chief seems to show a grudging respect for Assy. The chief frequently appears to have private explicit sexual conversations in which he offers advice of various kinds to the party on the other end of the phone such as "Just drop ya load in her dumper." He abruptly ends these when someone enters his office. He also has tattoos all over his upper body and is physically fit.

"The Mayor"

As the head of the city, the Mayor of Exeter is corrupt and idiotic. He is also obsessed with re-election and will disregard or manipulate the facts of a case in order to further his political career. The Mayor also frequents "massage parlors" that are under police investigation for being fronts for prostitution. Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

Deputy DiLorenzo

Deputy DiLorenzo is a heavy-set, thick-headed, light-skinned deputy for the Exeter police department. DiLorenzo often teases Assy and doubts his actions. He seems to be a highly hated deputy in the Exeter police department. Despite this, he seems to be a hard worker during appropriate times. He was instructed by the chief to follow Assy around while Detective Sanchez was in the hospital following a heart attack. In "Pharmassy", DiLorenzo's improv as a pizza guy prevents the Mayor of Exeter from getting shot; however the end result gets DiLorenzo gunned down instead (although he survived as evident in "Mile High Mayhem"). DiLorenzo is also a good singer.


Glen (1975 - May 11, 2008) was the bartender for Bill W's, the bar that Assy often attends in the show. In Season 1, Glen once bailed Assy out of prison, despite being the person responsible for putting him in there in the first place. He also made Assy walk home from the prison afterwards. In "Irish Wake", Glen was tragically murdered by an Irish bookie after failing to pay up loans for losing wagers.

"The Father"

The father (a priest) is the currently nameless religious figure from whom Assy often seeks spiritual healing & guidance. He is usually found sitting at the bar in Bill W's.


The show was subject to several major delays before airing because of problems with sponsorships due to the character's design. Furthermore, the series initially was only aired as a shorter-than-usual season as there were only six episodes produced.

The series returned in April 2008 with Adult Swim airing an additional fourteen episodes to round out a 20 episode season. However, for marketing purposes these hold-over episodes were marketed as "season two".



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