Henderson (surname)

Henderson is a common surname.

The surname Henderson is of Scottish origin and means "son of Henry". The name is derived from the Scots Gaelic clan MacEanruig of Glencoe which was later anglified to Henderson and McKendrick. Other areas of Scotland that the name made an early appearance were Caithness in the far north of Scotland in the 15th century, where Henry Gunn fell out with other members of the clan Gunn and adopted the name Henderson. Towards the end of the 16th century the name appears around Dumfries in the Scottish borders when the family are accused of being Border Reivers. The name was unknown in England prior to the 17th century and is first mentioned in a marriage document between one of the Borders Hendersons and the daughter of a Carlisle merchant at Hexham.



*Ainslie Henderson (born 1979), Scottish singer-songwriter
*Alan Henderson (basketball) (born 1972), African-American basketball player
*Alan Henderson, rock musician with Them
*Alexander Henderson, one of several people including:
**Alexander Henderson (theologian) (1583–1646), Scottish theologian.
**Alexander Henderson (photographer) (1831–1913), Scots-Quebecer merchant and photographer
**Alexander Henderson, 1st Baron Faringdon
**Alexander Henderson (politician), historical Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada
**Alexander Henderson (Virginia) (1738-1815), Scottish merchant and politician in Virginia, United States
** Alexander D. Henderson (businessman), Vice-President of California Perfume Company
*Alice Henderson, one of several people including:
**Alice Henderson, American novelist
**Alice Corbin Henderson, American poet and editor
**Alice Faye Henderson, African-American singer Alice Wonder Land
*Alistair Donald Henderson of Fordell, Australian environmental engineer, inventor, and Chief of the Clan Henderson
*Ann Henderson-Sellers, climatologist
*Anthony Henderson, African-American rapper Krayzie Bone
*Archibald Henderson, Fifth Commandant of the US Marine Corps (1783–1859)
*Archibald Henderson (politician), United States Congressman from North Carolina
*Arthur Henderson (disambiguation page), one of several people including
**Arthur Henderson (1863–1935), British union leader, politician, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
**Arthur Henderson (VC) (1894–1917), British Army officer
**Arthur Henderson, Baron Rowley (1893–1968), British Labour Party politician


*Barrington "Bo" Henderson, African-American singer
*Ben Henderson, British record producer
*Biff Henderson, American television personality
*Bill Henderson, Canadian singer and songwriter
*Billy Henderson, English footballer
*Brian Henderson, New Zealand and Australian television presenter
*Bob Henderson, American radio host
*Bobby Henderson, American creator of the satirical parody religion Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
*Brodie Henderson, Canadian rugby player
*Brodie Henderson (engineer), British civil engineer
*Bruce Henderson, American management consultant


*Camille Henderson, Canadian singer
*Caspar Henderson, British journalist
*Charles Henderson, American politician
*Charles G. Henderson, British antiquarian, historian of Cornwall
*Charles Roy Henderson, American geneticist and statistician
*Chris Henderson, American soccer player
*Christopher Henderson, fictional character portrayed by Peter Weller on the television series "24"
*Claude Henderson, South African cricketer


*Dan Henderson, American martial arts fighter
*Darius Henderson (born 1981), Watford F.C. football (soccer) player
*David Henderson, one of several people including:
**David B. Henderson, prominent U.S. politician of the 1890s and 1900s.
**David Henderson, senior British Army and, later, RAF officer.
**Dave Henderson, Irish football (soccer) player
**David Lee Henderson, best known as Dave Henderson, African-American Major League Baseball player
**David Henderson, chief economist at the OECD in Paris from 1984 to 1992
**David Henderson, head basketball coach at University of Delaware
**David E. Henderson , author, University of Virginia adjunct professor, public relations executive and Emmy Award winning former CBS News correspondent
**David Newton Henderson (1921–2004), U.S. Representative from North Carolina
*Sir Denys Henderson (born 1932), Chairman of ICI from 1987 to 1995
*Devery Henderson, American football player
*Dickie Henderson, British comedian
*Donald Henderson, one of several people including:
**Don Henderson, British actor
**Donald Henderson, American epidemiologist who led the World Health Organization's successful World Smallpox Eradication Campaign
**Donnie Henderson, American football figure
*Douglas Henderson, one of several people including:
**Doug Henderson, British politician
**Douglas Henderson, British politician
*Duncan Henderson, Canadian Pioneer


*Sir Edmund Henderson, Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis
*Edward Elers Delaval Henderson, British Army officer
*Eric Allen Henderson, Singer/Songwriter (Splyt, Zeromind)


*Fergus Henderson, British chef
*Fletcher Henderson (1897- 1952), African-American jazz and swing musician
*Florence Henderson, American television actress (born 1934)
*Frank Henderson, American poker player


*George Henderson, one of several people including
**George Henderson (Australian politician), Australian politician
**George Henderson (Manitoba politician) (born 1916), former MLA in Manitoba
**George Henderson (Prince Edward Island politician), former Member of Parliament in Canada
**George Francis Robert Henderson (1854–1903), British soldier and military author
**George Stuart Henderson (c. 1894–1920), recipient of the Victoria Cross
**George Wylie Henderson (1904–1965), American author of the Harlem Renaissance
**Krazy George Henderson, American cheerleader
*Gerald Henderson, American basketball
*Gerard Henderson, Australian journalist and commentator
*Girard B. Henderson, CEO of Alexander Dawson, Inc.
*Greg Henderson, a professional New Zealand track and road racing cyclist
*Gordon Henderson, Canadian lawyer
*Gus Henderson, American football coach


*Hamish Henderson, Scottish poet
*Harold Lloyd Henderson, Canadian Presbyterian minister and politician
*Harvest Henderson, American artist
*Hazel Henderson, British futurist writer
*Herbert Stephen Henderson, British soldier
*Herb Henderson, Australian rules footballer
*Horace Henderson, American jazz musician, brother of Fletcher Henderson


*Ian Henderson, one of several people including
**Ian Henderson (Britain) - former head of secret police in Bahrain, accused of torture
**Ian Henderson (ABC) - Australian news presenter
**Ian Henderson (football) - current Northampton Town F.C. football player
*Isaac Henderson, American writer
*Ivan Henderson, British politician


*James Henderson (Canadian politician), politician from Alberta, Canada.
**James Henderson (diplomat), former British Ambassador to Iceland.
**James Henderson (footballer), footballer for Woolwich Arsenal
**James Henderson (musician), musician.
**James Henderson (Scottish politician), politician from Scotland.
**James Pinckney Henderson, first Governor of Texas.
**James Wilson Henderson, fourth Governor of Texas.
**James Henderson, Lord Advocate 1494, first recorded Henderson.
*Jefferson Henderson, Option Quarterback extraordinaire.
*Jim Henderson (D. James Henderson), Canadian politician
*Jim Henderson (registrar), Registrar of Companies for Scotland
*Joe Henderson, American jazz saxophonist
*Joe Henderson (runner)
*Joseph Henderson (Pilot), Early American harbor pilot
*John Henderson, one of several people including:
**John Henderson (clergyman), early settler in Yalobusha County, Mississippi
**John Henderson (director), British film and television director
**John Henderson (footballer), Australian rules footballer
**John Henderson (music), head of independent Chicago label ”Feel Good All Over“
**John Henderson (Mississippi politician) (1797-1857), U.S. Senator from Mississippi
**John Henderson (NFL football) (1979- ), American football player
**John Henderson (NHL), American ice hockey player
**John Henderson (Scottish politician) (1888-1975), Conservative MP for Glasgow Cathcart 1946-1964
**John "Jackie" Henderson (1932-2005), Scottish football (soccer) player
**John Brooks Henderson (1826-1913), U.S. Senator from Missouri and author of Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
**John D. "Colonel Jack" Henderson, American editor and pro-slavery politician
**John E. Henderson, American politician
**John M. Henderson, Texas state senator 1913–1919
**John Ronald Henderson (1920-2003), British Army officer
*Josh Henderson, American actor


*Karen L. Henderson, American judge
*Kelson Henderson, Australian actor


*Larry Henderson, Canadian television journalist
*Laura Henderson, English Theatrical Promoter
*Lawrence Joseph Henderson, American scientist
*Les Henderson, Canadian consumer-fraud author
*Lenore Ellen Henderson, a character on "seaQuest DSV", played by Kathy Evison
*Lofton Henderson, WW II aviator
*Lois T. Henderson, novelist
*Lucius J. Henderson, American silent film director
*Luther Henderson, American arranger


*Marjorie Lyman Henderson, the cartoonist "Marge"
*Mark Henderson
*Martin Henderson, New Zealand actor
*Mary Henderson, writer Mary Eastman
*Marvin Henderson, Famous Sandblaster from Tennessee
*Matt Henderson, New Zealand cricketer
*Meredith Henderson, Canadian actress
*Monique Henderson, American athlete


*Nicholas Henderson, British diplomat
*Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador to Germany 1937-39


*Paul Henderson, one of several people including
**Paul Henderson (born 1943), Canadian ice hockey player
**Paul J. Henderson, headmaster of Eltham College in England
**Paul Henderson (cricketer), English cricketer
**Paul Henderson (footballer) (born 1976), Australian football goalkeeper
**Paul Henderson (sailor), Canadian sailor and IOC member
*Peter Henderson, British, communications and computer specialist, (now female (Petra))
*Petra Henderson, British, electronics and defence systems engineer/inventor/consultant


*Ray Henderson (nee Raymond Brost), American songwriter
*Richard Henderson may be one of several people including:
**Richard Henderson (American pioneer)
**Richard Henderson (molecular biologist)
*Rickey Henderson (1958- ), American baseball player
*Robert Henderson may be one of several people including:
**Robert Henryson (c 1425 - c 1500), Scottish poet
**Robert Henderson (cricketer) (1851-1931), English cricketer
**Robert Henderson (writer) (1947- ), English political writer
**Rob Henderson (1972- ), English and Irish rugby union footballer

*Saffron Henderson, Canadian actress
*Sam Henderson, American comics artist
*Sara Henderson, Australian writer
*Scott Henderson, American guitarist
*Sean Henderson, American soccer player
*Shirley Henderson, Scottish actress
*Skitch Henderson (1918-2005), musician and band leader
*Stephen F. Henderson American musician / writer


* Thelton Henderson, federal judge
* Thomas Henderson, one of several people including:
** Thomas Henderson (Labour politician) (1867-1960), Scottish Labour Cooperative politician
** Thomas Henderson (1874-1951), Scottish Liberal Member of Parliament for Roxburghshire and Selkirkshire 1922–1923.
**Thomas Henderson (general), Civil War general
**Thomas Henderson (New Jersey), New Jersey statesman
**Thomas Henderson (New Zealand), New Zealand politician
**Thomas Henderson (olympian), Olympic athlete
**Thomas Finlayson Henderson (1844-1923), a Scottish author
**Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, NFL football player
**Thomas James Henderson (1798-1844), Scottish Astronomer Royal
**Thomas J. Henderson (activist), American businessman
**Thomas J. Henderson (politician), United States Congressman from Illinois
**Tommy Henderson, Northern Ireland politician
* Tony Henderson, Amway Triple Diamond from New Zealand, Manager of New Zealand Tall Blacks basketball team


*Vicki Butler-Henderson, British racing driver and television presenter
*Virginia Henderson, American nurse


*Wayne Henderson, one of several people including:
**Wayne Henderson, Irish football player
**Wayne Henderson, American jazz trombonist
*William Henderson, one of several people including:
**William Henderson, American football player
**William James Henderson, American music critic
**William Penhallow Henderson, American painter, architect and furniture designer
**William W. Henderson, American educator
**Inspector William Henderson, fictional character from the "DC Comics"


*Zenna Henderson, American author

ee also

*Clan Henderson
*Baron Faringdon
*"Henderson the Rain King", novel by Saul Bellow

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