Province of Lower Silesia

Infobox Former Subdivision
conventional_long_name = Lower Silesia
common_name = Lower Silesia
native_name = "Niederschlesien"
subdivision = Province
nation = Prussia

image_map_caption = Lower Silesia (red), within the Free State of Prussia
capital = Breslau
stat_area1= 26616
stat_year1 = 1925
stat_pop1 = 3132135
p1 = Province of Silesia
flag_p1 = Flagge Preußen - Provinz Schlesien.svg
s1 = Lubusz Voivodeship
flag_s1 = POL województwo lubuskie flag.svg
s2 = Lower Silesia Voivodeship
flag_s2 = POL województwo dolnośląskie flag 1.svg
s3 = Opole Voivodship
flag_s3 = POL województwo opolskie flag.svg
s4 = Saxony
flag_s4 = Flag of Saxony.svg
s5 = Brandenburg
flag_s5 = Flag of Brandenburg.svg
year_start = 1919
year_end = 1945
life_span = 1919 — 1938 1941 — 1945
event1 = Merged with U. Silesia
date_event1 = 1938 - 1941
political_subdiv =
The Province of Lower Silesia ( _de. Provinz Niederschlesien) was a province of the Free State of Prussia from 1919 to 1945. Between 1938 and 1941 it was reunited with Upper Silesia as the Province of Silesia. The capital of Lower Silesia was Breslau (now Wrocław in Poland). The province was further divided into two administrative regions ("Regierungsbezirke"), Breslau and Liegnitz.

The region of Lower Silesia now lies mainly in Poland, but with parts in the German Free State of Saxony (the Görlitz, Rothenburg/Oberlausitz and Hoyerswerda areas) and a small part in the federal state of Brandenburg.

Administrative regions

Regierungsbezirk Breslau

Urban districts / "Stadtkreise"

#City of Breslau
#City of Brieg
#City of Schweidnitz
#City of Waldenburg

Rural districts / "Landkreise"

#Landkreis Breslau
#Landkreis Brieg
#Landkreis Frankenstein
#Landkreis Glatz
#Landkreis Groß Wartenberg
#Landkreis Guhrau
#Landkreis Habelschwerdt
#Landkreis Militsch
#Landkreis Namslau
#Landkreis Neumarkt
#Landkreis Oels
#Landkreis Ohlau
#Landkreis Reichenbach (im Eulengebirge)
#Landkreis Schweidnitz
#Landkreis Strehlen
#Landkreis Trebnitz
#Landkreis Waldenburg
#Landkreis Wohlau

Regierungsbezirk Liegnitz

Urban districts / "Stadtkreise"

#City of Glogau
#City of Görlitz
#City of Hirschberg im Riesengebirge
#City of Liegnitz

Rural districts / "Landkreise"

#Landkreis Bunzlau
#Landkreis Fraustadt
#Landkreis Freystadt in Niederschlesien
#Landkreis Glogau
#Landkreis Görlitz
#Landkreis Goldberg
#Landkreis Grünberg
#Landkreis Hirschberg
#Landkreis Hoyerswerda
#Landkreis Jauer
#Landkreis Landeshut
#Landkreis Lauban
#Landkreis Liegnitz
#Landkreis Löwenberg
#Landkreis Lüben
#Landkreis Rothenburg (Ob. Laus.)
#Landkreis Sprottau

See also

*Lower Silesian Voivodeship
*Niederschlesischer Oberlausitzkreis
*Territorial Association of Silesia

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