Julia on Pandataria

Julia on Pandataria is a poem by William Auld and translated from Esperanto by Roy MacDonald about Julia the Elder, who was daughter of Caesar Augustus. When she was accused of having numerous affairs with several of the nobles, her father banished her to the island Pandataria.

English translation

On this island life sets slowly.during long afternoons a dreary windbeside the rustling sea, agitatingmy robe with indifference,rubs my memories, and bears witness:Death, death, death… Death is not here.

A three-times wife, ravishing night-lover,for whom the present was everything,has come to this: the gull’s fluting,a futile past and a tearful future;an empty woman as pallid as a ghostwho lacks the blood of offerings.

And I realise in this crude place,where the flesh rots under the dews,strange and cold, that the whole of life- kisses heady with perfume, wine and roses -was always empty, and lonely…The queen of the world was ever a corpse alone.

Most solitary when coupling, but I soughtmy happiness where I but could;under the promptings of curious desireI sought the more, the more I foundonly unhappiness in the joys of love.I was caught time and again in the same ambushes.

That was another me – only a fableheard once in a stranger’s dream.What does Rome mean? Why, naked sand,rocks, a rude-handed wind, a crying gull,while my body withers, apathetic,and Rome is an imagined fever.

The present no long matters. Now timeis eternal, without beginning or end,and my young flesh because of the betrayaland excessive hammering of fateis ardent no longer, no longer incites to pleasure,and death avoids me, the living-dead…

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* [http://www.everk.org/index.php?id=19,78,0,0,1,0 Esperantling Verkista Asocio] (Original poem and translation)

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