List of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling tournaments

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has held a variety of professional wrestling tournaments competed for by wrestlers that are a part of their roster.

TNA Hard 10 Tournament

The TNA Hard 10 Tournament was a hardcore tournament for a trophy that would proclaim the winner the most hardcore wrestler in TNA. It featured eight wrestlers competing in matches where a point-scoring system was used to determine the winner. The only tournament was held in 2003, which was won by the Sandman. The tournament was promptly abandoned by TNA in light of fans complaining about the point system.Fact|date=October 2007

8TeamBracket| RD1-seed1=| RD1-seed2=| RD1-seed3=| RD1-seed4=| RD1-seed5=| RD1-seed6=| RD1-seed7=| RD1-seed8=

RD1-team1 = Mike Sanders
RD1-team2 = Brian Lee
RD1-score1 = Pts
RD1-score2 =

RD1-team3 = New Jack
RD1-team4 = Slash
RD1-score3 = Pts
RD1-score4 =

RD1-team5 = Sonny Siaki
RD1-team6 = Vampire Warrior
RD1-score5 = Pts
RD1-score6 =

RD1-team7 = The Sandman
RD1-team8 = Devon Storm
RD1-score7 = Pts
RD1-score8 =

RD2-team1 = Mike Sanders
RD2-team2 = New Jack
RD2-score1 =
RD2-score2 = Pts

RD2-team3 = Sonny Siaki
RD2-team4 = The Sandman
RD2-score3 =
RD2-score4 = Pts

RD3-team1 = New Jack
RD3-team2 = The Sandman
RD3-score1 =
RD3-score2 = Pts

X Division Cup Tournaments

The TNA X Cup Tournaments are X Division tournaments that feature various wrestlers and/or Teams from around the World. So far, there have been two Super X Cup Tournaments, one America's X Cup Tournament, and three World X Cup Tournaments.
*TNA X Cup Tournaments

Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament

The Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament was a tag team tournament held to commemorate the memory of Chris Candido. As per Candido's role in TNA (prior to his death) of being the veteran who mentored young rising stars, teams were composed of established veterans pairing up with young rising stars. The tournament was won by Sean Waltman and Alex Shelley in 2005, its only year of existence. In addition to winning the trophy cup, the team was entered into a four-way match with a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

*Chris Sabin and Shocker
*Simon Diamond and Mikey Batts
*Ron Killings and Sonjay Dutt
*B.G. James and Cassidy Riley
*Sean Waltman and Alex Shelley
*Shark Boy and Abyss
*Lance Hoyt and Konnan
*Kip James and Petey Williams

8TeamBracket| RD1-seed1=| RD1-seed2=| RD1-seed3=| RD1-seed4=| RD1-seed5=| RD1-seed6=| RD1-seed7=| RD1-seed8=

RD1-team1 = Sabin/Shocker
RD1-team2 = Diamond/Batts
RD1-score1 = Pin
RD1-score2 =

RD1-team3 = Killings/Dutt
RD1-team4 = James/Riley
RD1-score3 = Pin
RD1-score4 =

RD1-team5 = Waltman/Shelley
RD1-team6 = Shark Boy/Abyss
RD1-score5 = Pin
RD1-score6 =

RD1-team7 = Hoyt/Konnan
RD1-team8 = James/Williams
RD1-score7 = Pin
RD1-score8 =

RD2-team1 = Sabin/Shocker
RD2-team2 = Killings/Dutt
RD2-score1 = Pin
RD2-score2 =

RD2-team3 = Waltman/Shelley
RD2-team4 = Hoyt/Konnan
RD2-score3 = Pin
RD2-score4 =

RD3-team1 = Sabin/Shocker
RD3-team2 = Waltman/Shelley
RD3-score1 = Pin
RD3-score2 =

Fight for the Right Tournament

The Fight for the Right Tournament was a tournament to determine the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and later for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
*Fight for the Right Tournament

Paparazzi Championship Series

The Paparazzi Championship Series was a tournament that began at Turning Point 2006 and involved five X Division competitors competing in a variety of matches where points are awarded for victories. These matches included limbo, Texas Hold'em, musical chairs, and a push-up contest, among others. The tournament was created to give the wrestlers airtime while also continuing the Paparazzi Productions storyline surrounding Austin Starr, Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash. Throughout the competitions, Nash kept bringing up Bob Backlund, which led up to Backlund being a guest judge at Final Resolution 2007 during the finals of the competition. Shelley defeated Starr in the finals to win a bowling trophy presented by Nash at Final Resolution 2007. The other three participants in the tournament were Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Senshi. Nash viciously needled the other three(especially Dutt) throughout the challenge, but kept the actual competition fair and even, always inviting the losers of each contest to "feel free to kiss the winner".

TNA Turkey Bowl

The TNA Turkey Bowl was a tournament held in 2007 that aired on the Thanksgiving night episode of TNA Impact! The tournament consisted of three preliminary three way matches. Each match featured a member of the Heavyweight Division, The X-Division, and The Tag-Team Division with the winner of the match going on to the finals. The winner of the finals, also a three way match, won $25,000. The wrestler who lost in the finals was forced to put on a turkey suit. Samoa Joe won the tournament, with A.J. Styles being forced into the turkey suit.Results9TeamBracket
RD1= Semifinals
RD2= Finals

RD1-team1= Chris Sabin
RD1-team2= Brother DeVon
RD1-team3= Abyss

RD1-team4= Samoa Joe
RD1-team5= Kip James
RD1-team6= Johnny Devine

RD1-team7= AJ Styles
RD1-team8= Christian Cage
RD1-team9= Jay Lethal

RD2-team1= Chris Sabin
RD2-team2= Samoa Joe
RD2-team3= AJ Styles

Deuces Wild Tournament

On the April 24 2008 edition of "TNA Impact!", Management Director Jim Cornette created the Deuces Wild Tournament in order to crown new TNA World Tag Team Champions. Eight well-established tag teams would compete in four matches on Impact! for a place in the main tournament, which would be held at the "Sacrifice" pay-per-view on May 11. Four more teams were picked at random from an 'Egotistical Eight', two paired on May 1 and the other two paired at "Sacrifice". The tournament then took a single elimination format at the pay-per-view.

Qualifying matches

*April 24 2008:*Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray) defeated Black Reign and Relliʞ:*Christian Cage and Rhino defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

*May 1 2008:*The Latin American Exchange (Hernandez and Homicide) defeated Kaz and Eric Young.:*A.J. Styles and Super Eric defeated The Rock 'n Rave Infection (Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave)

'Egotistical Eight' teams

*Kip James and Matt Morgan
*B.G. James and Awesome Kong
*Booker T and Robert Roode
*Sting and James Storm


8TeamBracket| RD1-seed1=| RD1-seed2=| RD1-seed3=| RD1-seed4=| RD1-seed5=| RD1-seed6=| RD1-seed7=| RD1-seed8=

RD1-team1 = Sting/Storm
RD1-team2 = Team 3D
RD1-score1 = 8:21
RD1-score2 = Pin

RD1-team3 = Booker/Roode
RD1-team4 = Cage/Rhino
RD1-score3 = 6:50
RD1-score4 = Pin

RD1-team5 = K. James/Morgan
RD1-team6 = LAX
RD1-score5 = 4:06
RD1-score6 = Pin

RD1-team7 = B. James/Kong
RD1-team8 = Eric/Styles
RD1-score7 = 5:32
RD1-score8 = Pin

RD2-team1 = Team 3D
RD2-team2 = Cage/Rhino
RD2-score1 = Pin
RD2-score2 = 9:55

RD2-team3 = LAX
RD2-team4 = Eric/Styles
RD2-score3 = Pin
RD2-score4 = 7:31

RD3-team1 = Team 3D
RD3-team2 = LAX
RD3-score1 = 8:50
RD3-score2 = Pin


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