name = "Basileuterus"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Passeriformes
familia = Parulidae
genus = "Basileuterus"
genus_authority = Cabanis, 1849
subdivision_ranks = species
subdivision = "Many, see text"

"Basileuterus" is a genus of New World warblers, best represented in Central and South America. This is one of only two warbler genera that are well represented in the latter continent. It is likely that the ancestors of this genus colonised South America from the family’s heartland in northern Central America even before the two continents were linked, and subsequent speciation provided most of the resident warbler species of that region.

These are mainly robust warblers with a stout bill. The majority of species have olive or grey upperparts and yellow underparts. The head is often strikingly marked with a long broad supercilium, a coloured crown or crown stripes, and often other striking head markings.

Many species are not well-studied, but those for which the breeding habits are known all build a domed nest on a bank or on the ground, so this is presumably typical of the genus as a whole.

pecies list

* Gray-and-gold Warbler, "Basileuterus fraseri"
* Two-banded Warbler, "Basileuterus bivittatus"
* Golden-bellied Warbler, "Basileuterus chrysogaster"
* Choco Warbler, "Basileuterus chlorophrys"
* Pale-legged Warbler, "Basileuterus signatus"
* Citrine Warbler, "Basileuterus luteoviridis"
* Black-crested Warbler, "Basileuterus nigrocristatus"
* Gray-headed Warbler, "Basileuterus griseiceps"
* Santa Marta Warbler, "Basileuterus basilicus"
* Gray-throated Warbler, "Basileuterus cinereicollis"
* White-lored Warbler, "Basileuterus conspicillatus"
* Russet-crowned Warbler, "Basileuterus coronatus"
* Golden-crowned Warbler, "Basileuterus culicivorus"
* Three-banded Warbler, "Basileuterus trifasciatus"
* White-bellied Warbler, "Basileuterus hypoleucus"
* Rufous-capped Warbler, "Basileuterus rufifrons"
* Golden-browed Warbler, "Basileuterus belli"
* Black-cheeked Warbler, "Basileuterus melanogenys"
* Pirre Warbler, "Basileuterus ignotus"
* Three-striped Warbler, "Basileuterus tristriatus"
* White-rimmed Warbler, "Basileuterus leucoblepharus"
* White-striped Warbler, "Basileuterus leucophrys"
* Flavescent Warbler, "Basileuterus flaveolus"
* Buff-rumped Warbler, "Basileuterus fulvicauda"
* Neotropical River Warbler, "Basileuterus rivularis"


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* Stiles and Skutch, "A guide to the birds of Costa Rica" ISBN 0-8014-9600-4

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* [ Basileuterus videos] on the Internet Bird Collection

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