Clan Anderson

Clan Anderson
Crest badge
Clan member crest badge - Clan Anderson.svg
Crest: An oak tree Proper
Motto: Stand sure
Region unknown [1]
Clan Anderson has no chief, and is an armigerous clan
Anderson of that Ilk arms.svg
Arms of the last Chief of Clan Anderson
Last Chief: Anderson of that Ilk [2]

Arms of Anderson of Ardbrake
Anderson of Ardbrake
Arms of Anderson of Erbury
Anderson of Erbury
Arms of Anderson of Bruntstane
Anderson of Bruntstane
Arms of Anderson of Bishopmill
Anderson of Bishopmill
Arms of Anderson of Candacraig
Anderson of Candacraig
Arms of Anderson of Kinneddar
Anderson of Kinneddar

Clan Anderson is a Scottish clan. The clan can be considered an armigerous clan because it does not a have a clan chief recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.


Origins and history

Anderson is an English and Scottish patronymic surname, meaning 'son of Andrew'. In this form, it is more common in the Lowlands, but it is widespread in Scotland in different forms.[4] In the Highlands, it was rendered as MacAndrew, of medieval Scottish origin.[5] Both names share the same Scottish Gaelic derivation of 'Gilleaindreas' - literally a servant of St. Andrew, Scotland's patron saint.

Though it is said there is no exact place of origin, it is important not to confuse the contents of the Kinrara manuscript which contains details of a claim that the Clan MacGilleandrish came to Badenoch from Moidart c.1400. This family (son of Leandrish)is not connected to any known Andersons and no evidence has been found to support the idea that their name became Anderson. The tales of the vengeance of Iain beg MacAindrea on cattle lifters who raided Badenoch may point to a connection with a MacAndrews family. However, there is no disputing the intellectual pedigree that his kinfolk subsequently established.

The tradition of scholarly erudition has significant roots in Anderson clan history throughout all the disciplines. This tradition was first established by Alexander Anderson who published works on geometry and algebra in Paris between 1612 and 1619. His cousin, David Anderson of Finshaugh, shared a similar skill in mechanics and mathematics that he applied to removing a large rock that had obstructed the entrance to Aberdeen harbour. This achievement earned him the nickname 'Davie-Do-a'-Things.'

As above, the claim that the lands of Clan Andrew are in Badenoch is not supported by the extensive researches made into the known pedigrees of the family. It is the Clan Leandrish that is recorded in the Kinrara manuscript as coming to the lands of Badenoch, in the heart of the Chattan Confederation territory, from Moidart around 1400, but this is not the Andersons. The largest grouping of Andersons lie in a swathe of lands through Aberdeen, Banff & Moray and with many intermarriages with ladies of the Clan Gordon, bringing many lands and properties, they are as heavily tied into the Gordons as any other Clan.

Clan profile

  • Motto: "Stand sure"[6]
  • Crest: An Oak Tree[7]
  • Gaelic Name: Mac Ghille Aindrais[citation needed]
  • Badge: An Oak Tree Proper[citation needed]
  • Lands: Badenoch[citation needed]
  • Origin of Name: "Son of Andrew"
  • Tartan: First seen in 1815 when collected by the "Highland Society of London." It has an azure field and it is one of several Scottish tartans woven with seven colours.[8]


Anderson, Andrews, Gillanders, MacAndrew.


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