TrueMotion VP6 is a video codec developed by On2 Technologies as a successor to earlier efforts such as VP3 and VP5. The VP6 codec has been used in products for broadcasting in the field, such as with BBC reporters and QuickLink software. This codec is used by Adobe Flash and Flash Video files.

In November 2003, On2 announced that VP6 had been chosen as a codec for China's Enhanced Versatile Disc (EVD), a competitor format to DVD. Beijing-based company E-World was to be the exclusive reseller of the EVD VP6 technology in China, with On2 Technologies earning royalty payments of about $2 USD per player. Then in April 2004 On2 announced that negotiations with E-World had broken down and that On2 would file multiple breach of contract claims against E-World in arbitration proceedings. In March 2005, On2 announced that the arbitrator had dismissed all of On2's claims and had decided that E-World owed nothing to On2. Although E-World included VP6 to its EVD standardization proposal to the Chinese government, it is not clear what, if any, action was then taken by the government. The EVD format initiative appears to be indefinitely stalled.

In January 2005, On2 announced a new VP7 codec with better compression capabilities than VP6.

In August 2005, Macromedia announced they had selected VP6 as the flagship new codec for video playback in the new Flash Player 8.

As of September 2006, an open-source implementation of the decoder is part of the libavcodec project, though producing or dealing with VP6 video streams inside libavcodec/libavformat seems to be discouraged and/or refused due to clashes between the ffmpeg's developers and On2 technologies by a claim of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets Infringement made by the corporation itself.

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* [http://www.on2.com/index.php?358 On2 VP6 Website]
* [http://www.kaourantin.net/2005/08/quest-for-new-video-codec-in-flash-8.html Flash Player Principal Engineer Tinic Uro's thoughts on why VP6 was chosen over H.264]
* [http://www.ripcode.com/prodForm.php 2007 IDC Report on On-Demand Video Transcoding]

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