Potato leaf roll virus

virus_group = iv
familia = "Luteoviridae"
genus = "Polerovirus"

"Potato leaf roll virus" (PLRV) is part of the genus "Polerovirus" and family "Luteoviridae". This virus like the name suggests infects potatoes and is a particular problem in the Americas. The virus is spread from plant to plant by insect vectors with the green peach aphid (GPA), "Myzus persicae" one of the most effective. Over the winter periods, the virus remains in the infected plant and remains the primary source of the PLRV inoculum. Upon infection the virus is largely contained to the phloem tissue and infects daughter tubers through the vascular system

Symptoms of this virus include a slight rolling of new leaves and will be stiffer than normal. Discoloration will also occur ranging from a light green through yellow and red and ending with the underside of the leaves turning purple. This disease does not kill the plant however, yields from the plant will be decreased heavily and all the tubers will be of poorer quality due to necrosis to the tubers.


* [http://www.wsu.edu/~potatoes/leafroll.htm Plant viruses online - www.wsu.edu]

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