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native_name = Dowlaiswaram | type = city | latd = 16.57 | longd = 81.48
state_name = Andhra Pradesh
district = East Godavari
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leader_name = |Vudatha Ranga Rao altitude =
population_as_of = 2001
population_total = 37,222| population_density =
area_magnitude= sq. km
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Dowlaiswaram or Dowleswaram (ధవళేశ్వరం in Telugu) is a village in India situated near Rajahmundry in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

It is approximately four kilometres distance from Rajamundry. Dowlaiswaram is located near by national highway-5. It well connected by roadways it is located in rajahmundry-kakinada road.

Tourist Attractions

Sir Arthur Cotton built a barrage across river Godavari here. The Sir Arthur Cotton museum is located in Dowlaiswaram. It contains many pictures describing the working of the dam and display of the tools used during the construction. This barrage provides water for east godavari and west godavari for agricultural purposes. There is Sir Arthur Cotton statue in the village.


The famous Sri LaxmiJanardhana Swamy temple is situated on the hill top in Dowlaiswaram. Two temples of lord shiva in the street. One temple is also situated just side to the hill and another temple is situated just side to the Godawari in Dowlaiswaram. On the main road there is Ramalayam Temple. There is Ankallamma temple and Muthyallamma temple in the middle of way from Shiva temple on main road. The ritual Radhotsavam is very famous in East Godavari district, thousands of people attend to this ritual.This event falls on Bhishma-ekadashi day.This Radham is very big. During pushkaras there were two main ghats millions of people do their holy bath during pushkaras. There is a Lord siva temples located near the hill and Pushkara ghat.During the radhostva time people will come to see the temple.Sri Rama Padalu is situated near the godawari. My house is also situates on the hill of another side. My name is Surekha Grand daughter of Bandila Kondayya. He is also worked as Dharmakartha to Janardhana Swamy temple long back.


There are many industries in Dowlaiswaram, but the major one being the Horlicks factory.

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