Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop is an innovator of electronic literature and hypertext fiction, both as a theoretician and as a writer. He is author of the hypertext fiction works "Victory Garden" (1992), "Reagan Library (hypertext)" (1999), and "Hegirascope" (1995), amongst many others, as well as currently Professor of Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, he became an English major at George Washington University after reading "Gravity's Rainbow" by Thomas Pynchon in 1975. He received his PhD from Yale University in 1986. He taught at Yale from 1984-1989, and then at the University of Texas at Austin and the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 1994 he moved back to Baltimore to teach at the University of Baltimore.

Work in hypertext

He began experimenting with hypertext theory in the 1980s, and has since authored several articles as well as written many hypertext fiction works. He has had an article published in "Wired magazine", his hypertext "Victory Garden" was featured on the front page of the New York Times Book Review from a review by Robert Coover, and "Hegirascope" won the Eastgate Systems HYSTRUCT Award. He served as co-editor for "Postmodern Culture magazine" and is currently listed as part of their editorial collective. He is partnered with Nancy Kaplan, Michael Joyce, John McDaid in TINAC (Textuality, Intertextuality, Narrative, and Conscioussness.)

ee also



*" [ You Say You Want a Revolution?, 1991] "

Hypertext works

* [ Victory Garden] (excerpt)
* [ Hegirascope]
* [ Reagan Library]
* [ Dreamtime]
* [ Pax, an Instrument]
* [ The Color of Television]
* [ It's Not What You Think]
* [ Watching the Detectives]
* [ Hyperbola]
* [ Forking Paths]
* [ Hypertext '96 Trip Report]
* [ Shadow of an Informand]

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