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Matthew Egbert Wand, better known as Mr Egg (born 7 January 1959 in Inverness, Scotland) is a musician credited as being one of the founding fathers of UK Acid House music.[citation needed] After playing bass guitar in punk groups The Cunts and The Fakes,[1] he formed the group Egebamyasi in 1984, and named it after Can's third studio album, citing Can and Captain Beefheart as influences.[2]



Singles and EPs

  • Circumstances Survival SUR T 36 1986 UK
  • EBY E.P Groove Kissing GK008 1991 BEL
  • Acid Indigestion Pt I Groove Kissing GK016 1992 BEL
  • Acid Indigestion Pt 2 Groove Kissing GK017 1992 BEL
  • Acid Indigestion E.P IT Records IT002 1992 UK
  • Variation T&B Vinyl TB002 1993 UK
  • Variation - (Lenny Dee Remix) T&B Vinyl TB003 1993 UK
  • I Want More Finiflex FF003 1993 UK
  • Ex Ovo Omnia (Liveggs) Finiflex FF006 1993 UK
  • Pizzacid Finiflex FF0012 1994 UK
  • Eightball Senior SNR009 1994 UK
  • Acidnation Soma SOMAO19 1994 UK
  • Store In A Cool Place Finiflex FF013 1995 UK
  • Remont (with Erasure) featuring Lucy Robson Finiflex FF014 1995 UK
  • Acid Indigestion Pt 3 Abbey Discs ABBYD003 1996 EIRE
  • 1234 Beef Innovation ET002 1997 UK
  • Acid Indigestion Pt 4 Binary Baseline Bin Bass 005 2006 BEL
  • Bang the Boss (Digital Download) Fluid Groove 2006
  • Egebamyasi-The Remixes (Digital Download only) Fluid Groove 2006
  • I,v Lost Control-remix MacAcid Records 2007 UK


  • How To Boil An Egg UGT UGTLP/CD002 1995 UK
  • Mother Goose Subversive SUB40D 1997 UK


  • Total Mr Egg Total 1990 UK
  • Total Vol 1 Mr Egg Parade Amoureuse PHOE12/CD 1991 GER
  • A Dance Sampler Vol 1 Braindamage Groove Kissing GK009CD 1992 BEL
  • A Dance Sampler Vol 2 Illegal Substance Groove Kissing GK026 1992 BEL
  • Mix The House Kinky Love Disco EVA 743121-116222 1992 NED
  • Techno Trance 2 Acid Indigestion Arcade 0170061 1992 NED
  • Techno Trance Acid Indigestion Koda Muzik 92.34.U.88.011 1992 TUR
  • Acidrave Apocalypse Hardcore EBY Tune RCA PD 75375 1992 Italy
  • And Away They Go I Want More Finiflex FF1001 1993 UK
  • This Is Techno Vol 6 Variation Continuum1930-2 1993 USA
  • Midnight Madness Variation Triumph TRLP 1CD 1993 UK
  • Trance Mix Sponge Melodia BMI 7001 1993 ISR
  • Future Music Magazine Superclouds Future Music 4/94 1994 UK
  • Unpaved Roads Route 2 Pizzacid NUT006 1995 NED
  • Ghetto Tone Variation (remix) Outland Records 94 12003 1995 NED
  • The Serious Road Trip Eightball MCD 11195 1995 UK
  • Mixmag Vol 19 Acidnation MML CD19 1995 UK
  • Suck Me Plasma Acidnation 7000 OHM 1995 GER
  • Hypno Trance 2 Acidnation Arcade 9902231 1995 GER
  • Quality Recordings Vol 2 Acidnation Soma CD003 1995 UK
  • Foundations (Coming Up from the Streets) Bambient The Big Issue FCl002CD 1996 UK
  • Endless Loops Vol 1 Acidnation Slush EL001 2005 CAN


  • The Fugue - Sensitized (Sensi Version) Different Class 1994 UK
  • Dance Overdose - Overdose Stomp (Cement Mix) Resonance Recs 1994 UK
  • Dreadzone - Fight The Power (Acidzone Version) Totem Records 1994 UK
  • Chill FM - New Beginning 1994 UK
  • Gary Numan - Me, I Disconnect from You Beggars Banquet 1995 UK


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  2. ^ Burden, Alex (11 Jan 2007). "Egebamyasi has Acid Indeggestion (USE ME)". Retrieved 7 January 2011. 

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