Keep It Up

Infobox Album
Name = Keep it Up

Type = Album
Artist = Loverboy
Released = 1983
Genre = Rock
Length = 38:32
Label = Columbia
Producer = Bruce Fairbairn
Certification = 2 x Platinum
Reviews = *"Rolling Stone" rating|2|5 [ link]
Last album = "Get Lucky"
This album = "Keep it Up"
Next album = "Lovin' Every Minute of it"

Keep it Up was the third album released by the rock band Loverboy in 1983. With new hit tracks like Hot Girls in Love, the album became an instant hit, and reached #7 on the charts, as did the previous album released by the band.

Track listing

#"Hot Girls in Love" (Dean/Fairbairn) - 3:59
#"Strike Zone" (Dean/Fairbairn/Reno/Smith) - 6:10
#"It's Never Easy" (Dean/Johnson/Reno) - 4:00
#"Chance of a Lifetime" (Dean/Fairbairn/Johnson/Reno) - 3:55
#"Queen of the Broken Hearts" (Dean/Reno) - 3:53
#"Prime of Your Life" (Dean/Fairbairn/Johnson) - 4:50
#"Passion Pit" (Dean/Fairbairn/Reno) - 4:25
#"One-Sided Love Affair" (Dean/Fairbairn/Reno/Taylor) - 3:46
#"Meltdown" (Dean/Johnson/Reno) - 3:31


*Mike Reno: vocals
*Paul Dean: Guitar, Vocals
*Doug Johnson: keyboards
*Scott Smith: Bass, Vocals
*Matt Frenette: drums
*Nancy Nash: Vocals
*Jean Piche: Synthesizer


*Paul Dean: Producer
*Bruce Fairbairn: Producer
*Lindsay Kidd: Engineer


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