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Terry Stickels (born May 14, 1948) is the author of numerous puzzle books, calendars, card decks and posters featuring critical thinking skills. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, he is the oldest of three children. Stickels is a life-long member of MENSA, One In A Thousand Society (now known as Termite) and The International High IQ Society. He currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. [ [http://www.terrystickels.com/about.html Terry Stickels.com ] ]

Terry Stickels is a graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha with a BS in Geography and Natural Sciences. He attended on a football scholarship where he played quarterback. While a student, he tutored in math and physics using puzzles as a non-intimidating approach to teaching concepts. After years of creating puzzles, Stickels began his publishing career in 1991 with a Rochester, NY weekly newspaper puzzle column.

Today Stickels is popular with business leaders, teachers and students for his presentations on having fun and success using an individual’s mental flexibility. Stickels also pens three nationally syndicated columns.

Published works

Newspaper Columns

*USA Weekend Magazine
*King Features Syndicate
*Worldwide newspapers


*"Mindstretching Puzzles" Sterling Publishing—1994 ISBN 0-8069-0694-4
*"Mind Workout Puzzles" ISBN 0-8069-9658-7, 2001 Sterling Publishing
*"Think-ercises – Book 1" Critical Thinking Press & Software, 1995 Later renamed: Brain Stretchers – Book 3 © 1995, 1996 ISBN 0-89455-633-9
*"Mind-Bending Puzzle Books" Pomegranate Communications, Inc.:*Book I, 1998 – ISBN 0-7649-0690-9:*Book II, 1998 – ISBN 0-7649-0691-7:*Book III, 1999 – ISBN 0-7649-1025-6:*Book IV, 1999 – ISBN 0-7649-1026-4
*"Cunning Mind-Bending Puzzles" – Sterling, 2002 – ISBN 0-8069-8803-7
*"Mesmerizing Mind-Bending Puzzles" –Sterling 2002 – ISBN 0-8069-8774-X
*"Devious Mind-Bending Puzzles" – Sterling 2002 – ISBN 0-8069-8807-X
*"Are You as Smart as You Think?" St. Martin’s Press, officially the imprint is Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Griffin, 2000 – ISBN 0-312-20911-8
*"Just How Smart Are You?" Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Griffin 2002 – ISBN 0-312-28169-2
*"Puzzling Frame Games" Scholastic, 2002 – ISBN 0-439-38878-3
*"Challenging Coin Puzzles" Scholastic 2003 - ISBN 0-439-38879-1
*"Sit & Solve Frame Games" Sterling, 2004 – ISBN 1-4027-1147-6
*"Puzzle Power – How to Jump-Start Your Mind" Prometheus Books, 2004 ISBN 1-59102-203-7
*"Sit & Solve Mindstretch Puzzles" Sterling Publishing, 2005 ISBN 1-4027-2135-8
*"Classic Mind Benders" Main Street Books, 2005 ISBN 1-4027-2359-8
*"Little Book of Bathroom Sudoku" 2005 Fair Finds Press (Rockport Publishing) November 2005 ISBN 1-59233-219-6
*"Little Book of Bathroom Kakuro: 200 Original Cross-sums Puzzles for Brain-Sharpening Entertainment, Fair Winds Press, March 2006, ISBN: 1592332447
*"The Pocket Book of Frame Games: Hundreds of Mind–Bending Word Puzzles from the King of Brainteasers, Fair Winds Press, April 2006, ISBN: 1-5923-3195-5
*"The Big Book of Mind-Bending Puzzles, MENSA, paperback, Sterling, May 2006, ISBN: 1-4027-3255-4
*"The Big Book of Stickelers, Fair Winds Press - 2006, The copyright is to King Features, ISBN: 1-59233-225-0
*"USA Weekend Frame Games , Copyright 2006 – Terry Stickels, Published by USA Weekend Magazine
*"Magick Word – Doku , Harper Collins -2007, Text is copyright to Harper Collins Publisher, Puzzles are copyright to Terry Stickels , ISBN: 006125711-7
*"Pirate Word - Doku , Harper Collins – 2007, Text is copyright to Harper Collins, Puzzles are copyright to Terry Stickels , ISBN: 006125481-9
*"Spider – Man 3 , Harper Collins – 2007, ( Harperentertainment), Puzzles by Terry Stickels, With Sam Bellotto, Jr., Copyright Terry Stickels, ISBN: 006083731-4
*"Stickdoku Puzzle Book, USA Weekend Magazine, Copyright 2007 Terry Stickels
*"Entertain Your Brain, August 2007, Sterling Innovation , ISBN: 1402747942
*"Frame Games II, USA Weekend Magazine, Copyright 2007 Terry Stickels

Card decks

*"Mind-Bending Puzzles – Positively Perplexing Math and Word Problems" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-0325-X
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles 2 – Positively Perplexing Math & Word Problems" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-0378-0
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles 3 – Frame Games" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-0701-8
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles 4 – Spatial-Visual Challengers" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-0968-1
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles 5 –Math & Word Problems" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-1054-X
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles 6 – Frame Games" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-1055-8
*"Geography Q&A" Pomengranate, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-1106-6


*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate 1997 ISBN 0-87654-921-0
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate 1998 ISBN 0-7649-0101-X
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate 1999 ISBN 0-7649-0436-1
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate 2000 ISBN 0-7649-0787-5
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate 2001 ISBN 0-7649-1145-7
*"Mindstretch" Andrews McMeel 2002 ISBN 0-7407-1682-4
*"Mindstretch" Barnes & Noble 2003 ISBN 0-7607-3198-5
*"Frame Games" Andrews McMeel 2005 ISBN 0-7407-4311-2
*"365 Fiendishly Difficult Sudoku Puzzles" Barnes & Noble 2006 ISBN 0-7607-8013-7
*"Killer Su Doku Borders Edition, Browntrout Publishing, May 2006. ISBN: 1-4216-1687-4
*"Killer Su Doku , Browntrout Publishing, July 2006, ISBN: 1-4216-1686-6
*"Kakuro , Browntrout Publishing July 2006, ISBN: 1-4216-1674-2
*"Frame Games, Browntrout Publishing, July 2006 ISBN: 1-4216-1675-0

Calendars Turned into Books

*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate Publishing, 1997 ISBN 0-87654-921-0
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate Publishing, 1998 ISBN 0-7649-0101-X
*"'Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate Publishing, 2000 ISBN 0-7649-0787-5
*"Mind-Bending Puzzles" Pomegranate Publishing, 2001 ISBN 0-7649-1145-7
*"Mindstretch" Andrews McMeel, 2002 ISBN 0-7407-1682-4
*"Mindstretch" Barnes & Noble, 2003 ISBN 0-7607-3198-5

Jointly Authored Books

*"Puzzle Chest" Barnes and Noble, 2003 ISBN 0-7607-4916-7
*"Puzzles for the Super Sharp" Sterling Publishing, © 2003 ISBN 1-4027-0876-9
*"The Brainiac’s Puzzle Book" Sterling Publishing, © 2003 ISBN 1-4027-0875-0
*"Classic Shrewd Challengers" Main Street Books, ©2005 ISBN 1-4027-2358-X
*"Puzzle Chest" Main Street Books, January 2006 ISBN 1-4027-3151-5

For Release in 2008

**"Quotable Cryptograms : 500 Famous Quotes to Decipher, Copyright Terry Stickels, Feb. 12, 2008


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