"Bald!" was a "fly-on-the-wall" documentary about baldness, broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in April 2003. The show followed a number of men as they tried to hold back the advancement of hairloss, and the methods that they tried to cope with the problem.

Methods shown in the show

Lotions and Laser Treatment

The first method shown in the programme was laser treatment, with a man named Ian who was having a year's course. Ian was also shown in the programme using a number of hair-restoring lotions such as minoxidil (commonly known by the name Rogaine).

Hair Graft

Next, a man named Lee was shown undergoing his second round of surgery, in which follicles from the back of his head were excised, and then grafted to the bald patch on top.

Hair Replacement

The third segment of the programme showed a top hairdresser called James,who has a number of hair strands embedded into a small piece of skin-like material, that was integrated over his bald patch and in between his own hairs.

James's hair is state-of-the-art. It looks as if it is growing directly out of his scalp. The most impressive part of the programme.


* Lee was also seen in the short film "The Devil's Ring" that has been broadcast a number of times on the Channel M television station in Manchester.

* Whereas the Channel 4 programme was about male hairloss and treatments available, in 2006 the BBC will be examine female hair loss in a programme presented by Gail Porter in their ONE Life series of programmes.

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